Thursday, December 31, 2015

Final Weight Summary

After tracking my weight for over 8 years, fairly consistently, I am done.
As with training\working out, I am done keeping track of shit. 

As I have mentioned in the past, every time I weigh myself, it is in the nude, in the morning, after going to the bathroom.  Trying to stay consistent. Again, I think I have done a pretty good job :)

In November of 2007, my high was about 207.  Since then I have been up and down, with a low around 176, which I was near the end of this year, oddly enough.  I think before I started weighing myself in 2007, I was probably at 220, or higher. I may have mentioned this before, but I think my low, since Charlie has been born, has been due to eating less, and going from a few beers a week, to a few beers every 2-3 weeks.

What is my secret to staying so lean and trim (Ha Ha). Trying, again trying, to not over eat, especially things that are not good for me in large quantities, and switching to some veggie only meals 2-3 times a week.  I think that is large drop in weight in 2013-2014.  Jackie started veggie meals  about 2 years ago and it has helped keep my weight down.  I love red meat, but I eat much less than I used to.  Now more pork and chicken. 

Below are the charts, and a table.  Charts are for my measured weight, average weight by year, minimum and maximum weight by year, standard deviation of weight by year, and range of weight by year.  It is all there and all done.

Enjoy! Have a Happy New Year!

Weight Chart

Table of Data

Average Weight by Year

Max and Min Weight by Year

Range of Weight by Year

Standard Deviation of Weight by Year


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

November 2015 "Training" and Other Stuff

Not much this month, starting to wind down. 
Got a little bit in here and there. 
No swimming at all for the first time in a long time.  The last time I did not swim in a month was October of 2008. 

I am going to stop tracking my workouts and weight at the end of this year.  If I ever go back to racing, I am going to stop tracking all my data.  I am going to stop logging and tabling everything.  If I start racing again, I would like to do it in a more relaxed fashion, not where I am tracking everything.

The last few posts I do in 2016 will be summarizing my racing, training, weight, and a few posts that I have started and not finished. Then I will be done with the blog.

I did learn baby massage this month.  Pretty interesting.  I have given Charlie the GI massage, which has helped him with gas.  You can actually feel stuff moving along the GI track.  For the most part, he seems to enjoy it, or at least it doesn't bother him to much.

After about 8-9 weeks, Charlie has settled down a lot.  Almost a totally different baby.  He goes to bed without any rocking, or humming, or anything.  He can sit in his little chair, or swing, or on his play mat for fairly long periods without fussing.  He smiles and laughs and coos, it is pretty cool. 

November to November Training

Total and Averages Since 2007

YTD Total and Since 2007

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

October 2015 Racing and Training Summary (Along with Changes and Decisions)

Not unexpectedly, my training has slowed down since the birth of Charlie.  I can't get up in the morning to swim, just too tired.  I tried a few times, and could not get out of bed.  Swam once in October at LA Fitness over lunch.  Felt ok.  Try to do that once a month for awhile, until he starts sleeping longer, then I might try to go back to Masters.  All running, biking, and strength I have done over lunch at LA Fitness, when I have time.  Doing them in 20-40 minute blocks, whatever time I can fit in over lunch that day.

I wonder if I have been suffering from some sort of chronic fatigue.  Over the past year or so, I have been really tired at times, frequently.  Just feeling exhausted, physically and mentally.  I really don't take a break from working out throughout the year.  I don't work out a lot, there are people, I know, who workout more than me, but I think they break at certain times of the year.  I just go.  Since Charlie has been born, I have not gotten a lot of sleep.  I have been tired, but it is different than what I was feeling before. 

The above two paragraphs I started writing over a week ago. I had to break and come back to writing this post.  Since then I have done a bit of thinking.  It looks more and more like I might not race at all next year.  Just casually workout when I have time.  Maybe I will try to get back to triathlon in a couple of years or so, we will see.  Not that a lot of people read this blog, I use it more as a diary and to track my training and racing,  but I will probably not post as often, if at all.  I think I need to put less pressure on myself to do things now.  Thinking about trying to train and race is stressful.  I don't want to race, unless I can train appropriately.  I am not a natural athlete, I can't go into a race way undertrained and expect to have a race that I am happy with, so I think the best thing to do, to avoid making me feel stressed, is just to not race, and try to be more casual about training\working out.  Maybe when Charlie gets a little older, and I get more organized, I can try to go back and do some races.  I feel a little sad about it, but it is not the most important thing in the world, my wife and child are the most important things in the world.  Also, I need to take care of my mental and emotional health, and stressing about if I am training enough to race would not help.

Anyway, below are my usual totals.  I will probably do my usual summary posts for the end of the year.  Posts that summarize my performance, related to my training, and summarize the amount I raced.  I have most of the data collected.  I will probably do some random posts about other stuff.

Year-to-Year October Comparison

Since 2007 Totals and Averages

YTD and Since 2007 Totals 

Monday, November 2, 2015

2015 Transition Pictures

Every year I post all my transition pictures, without comment, just pictures.

St. Anthony's Triathlon

Gear West Duathlon

Buffalo Triathlon

Lake Minnetonka Triathlon (Duathlon)

Lake Waconia Triathlon

Graniteman Clearwater Triathlon

Chisago Lakes (Toughman) Triathlon

USAT Age Group Nationals

Lake Marion Triathlon

Maple Grove Triathlon

St. Croix Valley Triathlon

Monday, October 12, 2015

September 2015 Racing and Training Summary (And More!)

The big news for this month.....we now have a son.  Charles David was born on September 23rd.  He was a healthy 9lbs and 1oz and 22 inches long.  All is well.  As people with children know, it changes everything.  Of course, he will change everything about training and racing, and life.  He will change everything about life for the better :)

I did get in two Salomon Trail Races this month.  It was pretty hot\humid both nights.  The distance for the first two runs is about 4.2 miles, the longer of the two courses.  The final two races are a shorter distance course.
4.18 miles = 36:30 (8:44/mi)
4.18 miles = 35:54 (8:33/mi)
These two times were slower than last year, by a fairly good amount.  My fastest time last year, on this course, was 34:11, so my fastest this year was about a minute and a half slower than last year.  My run has been slower this year than last year, so my results are not too surprising.  I have not been able to put a finger on why my run is slower this year.  Maybe, when I run, I have been pushing harder than last year, and not mixing in enough easier runs, like I did the year before.  I will try to do a little more analysis towards the end of the year.
I am going to try and do the last Salomon trail race of the year, 10/14.

With the birth of our son, my training has slowed, actually halted, a bit.  Not a bad thing.  I haven't taken time off in awhile.  As of this writing, Oct 6th, I have not worked out in over two weeks, maybe almost three weeks.  That is probably the longest I have gone without a workout in awhile.  I might try to go for a run soon.  See how that feels.  I think for the rest of the year, I am going to workout when I can, no real plan.  Probably the way it should be.

Below are the usual tables.  I am down a bit from previous years, to be expected. 

September Year-to-Year Comparison
Totals and Averages Since 2007

YTD Totals and Totals Since 2007


Saturday, September 12, 2015

2015 St. Croix Valley Triathlon Race Report

This is my 5th year at this race.  I did not do it last year.  Technically this is my 6th, one year I did the sprint.  I walked the run due to my stress fracture.  The first two years I had very good races.  The last two races on this course were not as good.  In 2012, it was one of my slowest times on an Olympic course.  I had a bad swim, and bad bike, and I had to walk some of the run.  I had nothing that day.  2013 was not great, but not terrible, still worse than the first two years.  This year I was hoping to go under 2:30 at this race.  I had come close in the past, with a 2:31.

I didn't go under 2:31, or under 2:30.  I did surprise myself with the fastest swim and bike time on this course.  The swim was my fastest by about 40 seconds and my bike was my fastest by about  6 seconds, so the bike was just a hair faster than my previous fastest.  I was surprised to see that both were faster.  When I was out on the course both seemed like a struggle.  I think you can see from my run time, that it was a bit of struggle at the end.  I just could not put the run out that was needed to go under 2:30.

I signed up for the race the week of the race, not sure I was going to do it.  We are due for our first child soon, and I wanted to make sure everything was good before I signed up.  Everything seemed good, so I signed up.  The Wednesday before the race I did the first Salomon trail race of the year, about 4.18 miles.  It was hot and humid and difficult.  I had a pretty slow run at the trail race.

I didn't feel too bad on Saturday morning before the race, a little tired, not really more than usual.  There was some lightning to the west, so that was concerning.  Ended up looking like rain to the west, just on the other side of the river, and to the south, most of the morning, but we never got anything.  I might of felt a few drops, but nothing really.  It was humid, not too hot to start out with.

Devon Palmer, Peace Coffee representative, and self titled spokesmodel\triathlete, gave me some Peace Coffee to handout.  One went to the race director, per Devon's orders, and after the race I gave out another bag to Ryan, a guy Devon knows and who I know from Tuesday Night Time Trials.  I would have given out more, but I am not the type of person to walk up to strangers and handout coffee, and ask to take their picture.  I ended up keeping two bags :) (Thanks Devon).

Back to the race, the swim is two loops, and the water is shallow enough to stand up at all points in the race.  I was in the second wave, all the men.  I went out decently and settled into my usual pace.  Usual for this year.  I have been slightly slower this year compared to last, not sure if it is due to the longer races I have done this year, or what.  Just slower this year.  The swim was pretty uneventful.  Once on the beach, you have to go up a flight of stairs to transition.  Nothing to exciting about transition, in and out.

The last few races, when getting out on the bike, the first five miles or so feel not so great.  This one especially so, since you start out going up hill a lot.  One of them is long.  I checked my time at the 5 mile mark and was pretty disappointed.  The wind was also pretty tough today, it has been that way the last few races it seems.  I tried to push it hard on the flats and downhills.  Getting in, in the time I did felt like a real struggle.  When I saw my time, especially compared to times from my previous years, I felt pretty good about it.

I felt ok, coming off the bike.  I knew my legs were going to be tired and it was going to be a long run.  I just didn't want to walk it.  This run isn't not the hardest run, but it is not easy either.  It does have some shaded areas, so that is a relief.  You come out of the park and it is flat for a bit, then you go uphill, short and moderately steep, then shallow uphill, a little flat, and then downhill.  That is the first mile.  After that you have a uphill, to short downhill, to a long flat.  That is the end of mile two.  Just beyond mile 2 is a steep uphill.  Then you run a loop through a residential neighborhood that is a mix of flat, false flat up hill, and low grade downhills.  After the loop, then back the way you came.  I was really thirsty out on the course.  I think it was more humid than I thought.  As usual, I didn't drink as much on the bike as I should have.  Considering how I felt on the run, my time was not that bad.  I would have like to have gone about 50 minutes, but it is what it is.  It wasn't that bad. 
As usual, especially on an Olympic distance race, running over 8/mi is not going to help me in my AG placing.  Not that I do this to place, but it is a little frustrating to get passed on the run, when you are able to create space on the swim and bike.  Oh well, keep training and racing.

Overall, the last triathlon of the year went pretty good.  Would like to have gone a bit faster, but, again, it was what it was.  The weather was good and I was able to finish.  Hopefully, I can do this race again in the future.

Last year, was by far my best year racing.  This year was not my best, and it wasn't my worst.  It was just a good year of racing.  I didn't really set an goals, because I wasn't sure how things would go with us being pregnant, so that didn't put any pressure on me to push myself to hard in any particular area.  I did want to go under 2:30 this year at an Olympic distance race, and I did that twice, so that worked out well.  It was pretty good year.


2015 St. Croix Valley Triathlon - Olympic
Swim (1640 yards) = 27:25 (1:41/100 yards)
T1 = 2:09
Bike (24.85 mi) = 1:10:25 (21.2 MPH)
T2 = 1:10
Run (6.2 mi) = 52:06 (8:23/mi)
Total = 2:33:13
Overall = 26/102
AG = 7/16
Pace = 4:46/mi

2013 St. Croix Valley Triathlon - Olympic
Swim (1640 yards) = 28:23 (1:44/100 yards)
T1 = 2:04
Bike (24.85 mi) = 1:12:27 (20.6 MPH)
T2 = 1:01
Run (6.2 mi) = 53:48 (8:40/mi)
Total = 2:37:40
Overall = 34/98
AG = No official AG reported yet, looks like I was maybe 7th of 12?
Pace = 4:57/mi

2012 St. Croix Valley Triathlon - Olympic
Swim (1640 yards) = 29:29 (1:48/100 yards)
T1 = 1:48
Bike (24.85 mi) = 1:14:56 (19.9 MPH)
T2 = 0:58
Run (6.2 mi) = 58:01 (9:21/mi)
Total = 2:45:09
Overall = 57/108
AG = 6/12 (Normal 35-39 AG)
Pace = 5:11/mi

2011 St. Croix Valley Triathlon - Olympic
Swim (1640 yards) = 29:00 (1:46/100 yards)
T1 = 2:22
Bike (24.85 mi) = 1:10:31 (21.1 MPH)
T2 = 0:51
Run (6.2 mi) = 49:36 (7:59/mi)
Total = 2:32:17
Overall = 40/103
AG = 12/19 (AG 30 -39)
Pace = 4:46/mi

2010 St. Croix Valley Triathlon - Olympic
Swim (1640 yards) = 28:12 (1:43/100 yards)
T1 = 1:41
Bike (24.85 mi) = 1:10:49 (21 MPH)
T2 = 1:31
Run (6.2 mi) = 48:49 (7:51/mi)
Total = 2:31:00
Overall = 26/103
AG = 6/14 (AG 30-39)
Pace = 4:44/mi

2009 St. Croix Valley Triathlon - Sprint (Walked the run due to stress fracture)
Swim (590 yards) = 9:13 (1:35\100 yards)
T1 = 1:56
Bike (10 mi) = 31:06 (19.3 MPH)
T2 = 2:05
Run (4 mi) = 57:52 (14:28/mi)
Total = 1:42:10
Overall = 409/502
AG = 61/65 (AG 30-39)
Pace = 7:14/mi

Friday, September 4, 2015

August 2015 Racing and Training Summary

This August I had 3 Olympic distance triathlons and one TT.  With all that racing, I cut back on training a little bit.  I had USAT AG Nationals, Lake Marion, and Maple Grove.  USAT and Maple Grove were a little slower than last year, but still not too bad.  Lake Marion was my first time doing the Olympic.  My time was not great but I managed to win my AG, so that made up for a slower time.

I already posted my TT results for this year and my past results.  I was able to finish fairly strong, tying my fastest time for the year.
8/11 - 10 miles = 26:47 (22.85MPH)

I think I had decent month training.  Not too much to say about it. It was only the second month this year that I swam more than I biked.  With 3 races and a TT, most of my hard biking was during a race, I kept it a little easier when I did training runs.  Same thing went for my running.  I kept my training runs a little short and a little easier.  I have not been running as good as last year, so I am not sure killing myself at this point is going to be useful.

Compared to previous Augusts, this was a little bit less.  Last August, I swam a little less, biked a little more, and ran a little more.

Below are the usual charts.  I have been able to maintain, on average, including weeks when I did no training for some reason or another, 2 hours of cycling, a little less than 2 hours of swimming, and an hour of running per week.  Consistency.

Comparison of August from Year-to-Year

Totals and Averages Since 2007

YTD Total and Since 2007

Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015 Maple Grove Triathlon Race Report

This was my 6th straight year at Maple Grove, I have done all 6 years of this race.  This was my 3rd weekend in a row doing an Olympic distance triathlon.  Not sure how my body would handle 3 weekends in a row.  Going in I did not feel too bad.

Maple Grove posted some free pictures, which I will intermix through the blog.  Of course, my usual pictures are in here also.

Up early for this race, due to early start time, transition closes by 6:45AM, so I was up about 3:30AM, to get there by 5ish.  Usual morning, breakfast at home, with donut, coffee, and water along the way. Parking is kind of far away, so it is a bit of walk.  Rack spots are assigned, by AG, so you get an idea of who is there with you.  Setup was easy, went pretty.  Nice to have an early start, so you can get done with the race and get out.  Also, if it is going to be a hot day, you can get done before it gets too hot.  This morning was unseasonably cool, second year in a row.  A little humidity, not too bad.  Windy, very windy.  At race start it was clear skies.  Pretty morning.

Me, before the start.

Swim start is by AG, but time trial start, with 2 at a time.  Line up on hill and to stage and then head down to start.  As windy as it was, the lake is kind of down in a valley with tress and has some protection, so it wasn't wavy.  The swim was uneventful and it was my fastest swim of this year. I felt pretty good coming off the swim. 

A series of pictures of me coming out of the swim

It is not a short run up to transition, and the Olympic distance people are racked closer to the back.  When I got to the rack it looked like there were still a number of bikes on it.  I left towards the front at the TT start of the swim, so it is hard to gauge where I was at in the AG.

Heading out on the bike.

The wind was pretty severe out on the bike.  There was a headwind for the first 3-5 miles.  I think it was 3-5 miles.  My legs and me did not feel that great and I thought I was going to have a terrible bike, but as I got going I felt better.  The tailwind, which occurred a few times, felt pretty good.  The headwind, felt horrible.  Depending where you were on the bike course, there was an occasional crosswind, that also made for difficult riding.  I actually thought I came in at an hour and was going to be closer to 23MPH, which would have been amazingly surprising.  When I saw my time, I was a little disappointed, until I realized last year at 22MPH was my fastest, and this year was 21.9MPH, so I am not so disappointed.

Coming in from the bike.

I got off the bike and felt ok.  Initially, the run out of transition is uphill.  Kind of steep.  I think this run is one of the harder run courses around.  Two loops and lots of up and downs, some pretty challenging hill.  The weather the last two years has been extremely cooperative.  When I crested the first hill out of transition and started a short downhill I was a little worried.  I wasn't feeling great, but I got in a rhythm that felt pretty good.  The last two miles I started feeling a little nausea, which is odd.  I usually don't feel that way.  It wasn't so bad it slowed me down.  It didn't feel so great either.  I think I pushed it as hard as I could, and I ended up only 30 seconds slower than last, which was my fastest time on this course.  So, it turned out to be a pretty good run.

Going out on the run, on the run, and finishing

Adjusting for the shorter bike, my time was only 19 seconds slower than last year.  Last year was my fastest time on this course, which was my seconds fastest Olympic distance race.  That makes this year's Maple Grove my third fastest Olympic distance race. 

I am pretty happy with how this race went.  Overall, it was my best Olympic distance race of the year.  It might have been my last race of the year, I have not decided if I am going to do St. Croix Valley Olympic.  If it is my last race, it was a good note to end on.

Distance\Time correction for each year, to match 2014 time. 2013 swim and bike corrected, all other years corrected for bike only.

2015 = 2:27:14
2014 = 2:26:55
2013 = 2:38:00
2012 = 2:33:45
2011 = 2:31:25
2010 = 2:33:29

Time corrected, 2014 was my fastest time by over four and a half minutes and eleven minutes faster than 2013, and 2015 was 19 seconds slower than 2014.  Not too bad.  Pretty happy with that.
2015 Maple Grove Triathlon Results
Swim (1640yards) = 25:37 (1:34/100 yards, just a hair off last year)
T1 = 2:59
Bike (23mi) = 1:03:00 (21.9 MPH, just a hair off last year)
T2 = 1:08
Run (6.2mi) = 49:35 (8:00/mi, just a bit off last year)
Total = 2:22:18 (Correct for short bike = 2:27:14, puts me 19 second slower than my fastest)
Overall = 75/373
AG = 11/46
Overall Pace = 4:44

2014 Maple Grove Triathlon Results
Swim (1640yards) = 25:28 (1:33/100 yards, fastest swim)
T1 = 3:22
Bike (24.8mi) = 1:07:34 (22 MPH, fastest bike split at this race)
T2 = 1:27
Run (6.2mi) = 49:05 (7:55/mi, fastest run split at this race)
Total = 2:26:55
Overall = 74/392
AG = 19/58
Overall Pace = 4:36/mi

2013 Maple Grove Triathlon Results
Swim (1640yards?) = 32:27 (2:03/100 yards)  - This was NOT 1.5Km (~0.9mi)!
Corrected to 1968 yards = 1:40/100 yards
T1 = 3:39
Bike (26mi) = 1:16:01 (20.6MPH, slowest bike split at this race)
T2 = 1:10
Run (6.2mi) = 54:05 (8:43/mi, slowest run split at this race)
Total = 2:47:47
Overall = 120/438
AG = 23/62
Overall Pace = 4:45/mi

2012 Maple Grove Triathlon Results
Swim (1640yards) = 28:26 (1:48/100 yards)
T1 = 1:57
Bike (26mi) = 1:13:14 (21.2MPH)
T2 = 0:54
Run (6.2mi) = 52:12 (8:25/mi)
Total = 2:37:09
Overall = 103/367
AG = 18/47
Overall Pace = 4:45/mi

2011 Maple Grove Triathlon Results
Swim (1640yards) = 27:29 (1:44/100 yards)
T1 = 2:26
Bike (26mi) = 1:13:32 (21.2MPH)
T2 = 1:12
Run (6.2mi) = 50:15 (8:06/mi)
Total = 2:34:49
Overall = 44/216
AG = 9/33
Overall Pace = 4:41/mi

2010 Maple Grove Triathlon Results
Swim (1640yards) = 27:23 (1:43/100 yards)
T1 = 2:27
Bike (26mi) = 1:13:12 (21.3MPH)
T2 = 1:03
Run (6.2mi) = 52:49 (8:32/mi)
Total = 2:36:54
Overall = 31/167
AG = 3/22
Overall Pace = 4:44/mi

Friday, August 21, 2015

2015 Lake Marion Race Report

The last two years I have done the sprint, this year I decided to do the Olympic. Hey, why not?

I felt pretty tired Sunday morning.  Not so much sleepy tired, but arms, legs, body tired.  The evening before I spent lounging in a pool.  That might have helped me relax, but maybe not enough.

As usual, got up early, ate breakfast, stopped for coffee, donuts, water, and Gatorade, and headed to the race.  This was my third year at this race, and I got there early enough that I got the exact same rack spot as the last two years.  Right at the end of the rack, right by the bike in and out.  Nice!  Packet pick-up is in the morning and it is fast and easy.  Transition setup was no hassle.

I didn't really check the weather before I left, but as I understood it, there appeared to be rain\storms on the way earlier in the morning.  People were watching the weather on their phones and the weather appeared to fade as it moved into our area.  It did not rain during the race.   It was cloudy, cooler than normal, still a little humid, and windy.  The heat did pick up as the race went on.  More about the wind later.

I did a short swim warm up before the start.  The water was cool, pretty nice.   I was in the first wave, men and Elite.  At the start I took off a little wide to avoid traffic.  It was a pretty quiet swim. I felt like I was swimming alone for most of it.  My time was about average for this year, which has been slower than past years.  Kind of disappointing.  Again, I was hoping to be about 25 minutes.  Still, I came in 8th overall in the swim, in a field of 60. 

Out of transition pretty quick and off on the bike.  I didn't feel too bad heading out on the bike.  It turned out to be a tough bike for two reasons.  First, the wind, second the hills.  After the sprint and Olympic courses split, there are some pretty decent hills on the Olympic course.  There was some newly paved sections on the Olympic course that were really nice. Also, due to construction, we had to get off our bikes and run through gravel\dirt for about 50 yards.  That kind of sucked.  The wind really sucked.  I didn't realize how windy it was, until out on the bike.  There seemed to be a constant head wind, or nearly a headwind the whole bike.  It was my slowest bike split of the year.  It might have been the toughest ride of the year.

I got off the bike and had a really fast transition.  I went out knowing this was going to be a tough run, because of the long hill, and then a short steep uphill, and then another less steep uphill.  On the sprint, you do this run once, on the Olympic you do it twice.  I knew I had to pace myself, so I went off the bike not too hard and tried to maintain a constant pace.  I think I did that.  The run hurt, as it should, and my pace was not to far off my 5k pace from the previous two years.

So, I won my age group! First time I have ever done that in a triathlon.  Also, I have podium finished at this race all three years.  Apparently, this race has competition that is right about my level.  The Olympic field was small, a total of 60 people for the Olympic, which I think is smaller than previous years.  I think the sprint was down this year, there might have been less than 200 people.  I think there were 7 triathlons in the area this weekend, which probably contributed to the lower numbers.  I would like to have gone faster, especially on the bike.  That being said, I will always take a podium finish when I can get it.  As I have said before, it doesn't happen often, so got to enjoy it when it does.

So far, I have done 5 Olympic distance triathlons, five 10ks, and 3 of them are right about 50 minutes, the other two are slower.  The slower ones are St. Anthony's, first of the year, and Clearwater with the long bike and tough run.  My run has been consistent, not fast, but consistent.  I will take consistent.

A coworker and fellow triathlete, who is recovering from health issues, was there to watch a friend of his do his first Olympic distance triathlon.  He took a few pictures of me, see below.  Also, my usual pictures.

Next up is Maple Grove Olympic.  Then after that, maybe St. Croix Valley Olympic.

2015 Lake Marion Olympic Triathlon Results
Swim (1640 yds) = 27:41 (1:42/100 yards)
T1 = 3:00
Bike (25.8mi) = 1:13:35 (20.3 MPH)
T2 = 0:41
Run (6.2mi) = 50:46 (8:12/mi)
Total = 2:35:41 (Adjusted for longer bike I go 2:32:47)
Overall = 14/60
AG = 1/8
Overall Pace = 4:44

2014 Lake Marion Sprint Triathlon Results
Swim (440 yds) = 6:22 (1:27/100yds)
T1 = 2:44
Bike (17.3mi) = 46:09 (22.5 MPH)
T2 = 0:48
Run (3.1mi) = 24:52 (8:02/mi)
Total = 1:20:52
Overall = 15/218
AG = 3/18 (Actually 4 of 19, but rolled down to 3rd due to 1st place in my AG was 2nd place overall.  First podium of the year)
Overall Pace = 3:55/mi

2013 Lake Marion Sprint Triathlon Results
Swim (440 yds) = 7:15 (1:39/100yds)
T1 = 2:50
Bike (17.3mi) = 47:34 (21.8 MPH)
T2 = 0:49
Run (3.1mi, heard a rumor it was actually 3.2) = 25:06 (8:06/mi)
Total = 1:23:22
Overall = 23/282
AG = 2/27 (First podium of the year, last time I had one was 2011)
Overall Pace = 4:03/mi