Friday, January 8, 2016

December 2015 - Last Monthly Post

This is my last monthly post.

Below is a picture of all of my training logs.  Putting them into a little box and storing them away.

Not much working out in December.  The only thing of real note is that I did go to Masters one last time, mainly for the end of the year\Christmas breakfast.  It was the most I swam since September.  It went ok.  It felt like I thought it would feel, tough.  I woke up the night after swimming wondering why my arms and shoulders felt tired and sore, and then remembered I swam.
I did run a little and bike a little.
Below are the usual tables, comparing previous years Decembers, YTD, and Totals.  The YTD is the totals for 2015, which was lower than previous years.  I will have another post that compares yearly totals from all years. 
Comparison of December to December
Total and Averages Since 2007
YTD Total and Since 2007