Saturday, January 19, 2013

Product Review 27 - Kiefer Performer Swim Goggle

Full disclosure, Kiefer ( contacted me and asked me to review a product for them and I picked this goggle (, the Performer Swim Goggle.
I picked this goggle because of the way it looked, it looked like it would fit correctly, and it has a low price (Kiefer website has $12.00, selling now for $9.00 on the website). 
The goggles I have been wearing the last 3 or more years are the Speedo Active Goggles - Air Seal Tri Mirror (, which run about 25 bucks. 
I reviewed those goggles here: 
The Air Seal Tri Mirror have done me well.  I have lost one pair, and had to replace one pair due to leakage around the eyes.  The leakage did not become a problem until I wore them for over a year of swimming, indoor and outdoor.  A year+ of swimming for me would be about 250,000 - 300,000+ yards.
I wanted to see if there was a less expensive alternative to the Air Seal Tri goggles.  I have tried lesser expensive Speedo goggles and I have not been that happy with them.  They would not fit me correctly and either leak around the eyes, slip, or pinch.  So, when I was offered a free pair of goggles to test, I decided these looked to be the best. 
In high school, I swam with the hard plastic, and simple Swedish goggles.  Kiefer had some of these, and I remember in high school how much they hurt around my eyes, how they never fit quiet right, and basically how much I did not like them, but they were inexpensive, so I stuck with them throughout high school.
Onto the Kiefer goggles.  They come in a very nice hard plastic case that is hinged and has a snap, which is a plus.  I don't like my goggles loose in my bag, that being said, the end of this review has a bit of an unhappy ending.  I will get to that later.  Because I got these goggles in the winter, I have not had a chance to wear them in open water, only in the pool.  I have put about 10,000 yards on them, maybe a little less.  So far, they are great.  They have fit me well and not leaked.  There is some flex in the lenses and more in the frame.  The only adjustment is the back of the strap.  They have stayed on my face well and there have been no issues.  Hooray! Exactly what I want in goggles.  They fit correctly, are cheap, and even come in a nice case.

Onto the bad news.  I accidentally ran the Kiefer goggles through the washer and dryer.  In a hurry to leave LA Fitness, I forgot to put them in the case and they got mixed with my towel.  Running them through the wash and dryer damaged/broke the strap.  I am guessing the strap is not dryer resistant.  I am going to replace the strap. If not just the strap, then the goggles, since they are inexpensive, because I want to swim with these goggles more and I want to try them in open water.
So, at least for pool swimming, I recommend these goggles. 
That being said, I know that how goggles fit have a lot to do with one's face and personal preference, so what works really well for one person, not so much for someone else. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013


I try not to get to hung up on my weight.  I do weigh myself a few times a month, just to get an idea of were I am at.  It is another easy piece of information to keep about myself. 
I do like to keep my weight around 190lbs, I would like it to be about 180, but I am not going to change my diet dramatically to get there.  I like to eat good food, and drink good beer, and I don't really want to give those things up.  I know that some times I need to do a better job of moderation.  That is probably my biggest issue.  That is the issue with most people.  Eating too much, eating crap, and/or eating too much crap.  I do not eat a lot, or much, crap, but I do tend to eat too much at times. 
I base my weight more on look and feel.  I can gain muscle, lose fast, and gain some weight. I could also lose muscle, gain fat, and lose weight.  I kind of know how I should look and be comfortable. 
I am not going to preach about diet.  What to eat, what not to eat.  There are enough people out there doing that.  I think that most people know that the best thing to do is eat healthy, watch portions, and exercise.  The problem most people have is doing what they know they should do.
I know my weight fluctuates with the season, more in the winter, less in the summer.  It is part of life, especially if you are an athletes who race in summer\spring and takes an "off-season".
Below is the chart that tracks my weight since I started in 2007.   Below that is the chart with my average weight for each year, and below that is the table that shows average weight for the year and standard deviation.  Eventhough, I was a little heavier this year than the past years, I was more consistent this year than last year.
I weigh myself the same way each time, in the morning, after urinating, in the nude.
For reference in 2005, before I started racing, I was probably 220+, and in 2006 I was probably 210+.  In high school, 20 years ago, I was about 175.