Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gear West Indoor TT Results (Jan) on Tacx Virtual Trainer

Some Thursdays (1/21) ago I did the indoor TT at Gear West on the Tacx Virtual Trainer. During the month of Dec, Jan, and Feb Gear West has a different TT course on the virtual trainer. You go in and do the course and at the end of the month they post all the times to their blog.
The course for the month of Jan is a 2.5 mile section of the Alp D' Huez.
2.5 miles doesn't sound like far, but when the average grade is 8% with a maximum of 12%, and that maximum occurs more than once, it is a sufferfest. The only flat portion is the first 0.4mi, the rest is all uphill.
It took me just under 19 minutes to complete the painful journey, I averaged just under 8 mph, and I averaged about 257 watts. That puts my power-to-weight ratio at 2.9 watts/kg.

The Tacx Virtual Trainer is pretty cool and if I had about 1600 bucks to drop on trainer I would definitely do it. www.tacxvr.com
Tomorrow, Tuesday (2/9), I will be doing the 8 mile Tour of Flanders TT. See how that goes.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Triathlon Goals, Racing Goals, Training Goals, Hopes, Etc

Here is what i am going to try and do in 2010
  • Complete 7 of 10 Midwest Events Series Races
  • Triathlon T1 Average <1:50
  • Triathlon T2 and Duathlon Average <1:05
  • 10+ mile bike at >24.5MPH
  • Break Top Ten in my age Group (35-39)
  • 10k <44min
  • Do some cyclecross races
  • Three Half Ironman Races (Pigman, Racine 70.3, and another)

Alot of this is going to depend on my how my leg heals and if I can get up to speed.
I just did ~2 miles on a treadmill, in about 30 minutes. First time doing that in a long while.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Training Data Summary for 2009

Below is a training data, with racing data included, summary for 2009, with 2008 in parenthesis.
It is pretty obvious how the stress fracture influenced my run time, otherwise things look really good. Too bad I could not really race in 2009.

Swim Yardage = 325,027 yds (215,425 yds)
Swim Time = 120 hrs (83 hrs)

Run Time = 25 hrs (102 hrs)

Bike Time = 109 hrs (103 hrs)

PT and Strength Time Estimate = 21hrs

I was surprised the bike time was as close in 2009 as 2008, much more of the time in 2008 was from racing than in 2009, of course.

The swim yardage increase is enormous. I guess that is what happens when you start going to Masters 3 days a week.

My leg is still healing. A CT scan a few weeks ago showed slower than expected healing. A small fracture can still be seen in the bone in the x-ray. My doctor talked to two surgeons, both who have seen this type of fracture before. They recommended that if it is not healed in a year, from the time I stopped running, which would be the first week in May 2010, I should consider surgery. I don't like that idea at all.
My doctor and I decided, along with one of the surgeons, that I should start some impact (light) work. So I did 10 minutes on the elliptical last week. No pain in the bone area.
I have already registered for 8 races in 2010. I am going to race, even if I have to walk the run for each race. Hopefully, it will not come to that.
My next post will be my goals for 2010 and I will start posting my schedule.