Monday, December 14, 2009

Product Review 14 - Felt F2SL - Sweet!

I had this bike as a loner and I rode it 5 times for a total of just over 4 hours. Before riding this wonderful bike I had a Lemond Sarthe (steel frame) with Shimano Ultegra components and a Bontrager crank. The Felt is a full carbon bike and it is as stiff as the full steel Lemond and light as a feather. I own a full carbon tri bike and the Felt F2SL feels lighter than that bike, it also handles better. The Felt comes standard with the new Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 group which is the nicest shifting component group I have ever ridden. Both the front and rear shifting is solid and precise. I shifted up and down hills and under low and high cadence and it always shifted perfectly. In my opinion, there is a difference, a noticeable difference, between the Ultegra and Dura-Ace. Now, the Ultegra group on my Lemond was 3+ years old and I know there is a new Ultegra group that might be better, so the comparison might not be valid. Also, I only put about 4 hours on the bike, so I have no idea of the durability of the component group. The braking was crisp and sure. I believe this bike is a 2009 and has a list price in the neighborhood of $4800, but I believe it can be purchased now for around $3500, while they last. $3500 for a full carbon road bike (frame, forks, handle bars, seat post) with Dura-Ace is a steal, considering the Dura-Ace components by themselves retail for over $2000. If had the money, I would definitely purchase this bike.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Product Review 13 - SLS3 Compression Socks

I have worn these compression socks a number of times after working out, at the end of the day when sitting around, and I have just worn them around. These socks feel too tight in the toes and upper part of leg. They have been painful to wear, feels like cutting off circulation, not aiding circulation. Which makes me wonder if the pair of socks I have is too small or, because they are manufacturer rejects, defective? It could be possible that my legs and these socks just don’t work well together. At the moment I would not buy another pair of these socks.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Product Review 12 - 2XU Calf Guards

Due to a stress fracture I have not worn the calf guards running. I have worn the left leg calf guard under a walking cast for ~3 months. Wearing the walking cast with the calf guard on was much more comfortable than with the calf guard off. I wore the calf guard on the leg with the stress fracture while swimming to, hopefully, provide additional support. I also wore them while biking, both indoors and outdoors. I am not sure they have helped with the healing of my stress fracture, but they probably did not hurt. If they are working like they are supposed to, which is to improve blood flow in the area that they are worn, they may have helped with the healing process, at least a little.
They fit comfortably and feel good while wearing them. They do feel supportive and feel like they are making a difference when I have worn them working out. I am interested to feel the affects of wearing them while running. I also like they way they look. The left one is pretty worn out from wearing it under the walking cast and swimming with it on. I will probably buy another pay when these are worn out.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Product Review 11 - Gore Bike Wear Windstopper Soft Shell

It has been awhile since I have posted, not sure if anyone is looking, but I will continue.

I have only worn this hat while biking, underneath my helmet and it works perfect. The hat fits great and is warm. There is a thin band of elastic, or some tighter fabric, around the bottom that holds the hat tight on the head, which is important since I have a shaved head. You also notice that from the shape of the hat it is designed to be worn in a particular direction. There is a low end of the hat, which is worn towards the back and a dip along the sides to better cover the ears. The hat, as advertised, is a wind stopper and keeps the head warm while biking. I imagine it does the same while running. The hat is a little pricey, around $40, but it is worth it. I own this product and it is definitely one of the better pieces of winter clothing that I own.