Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2015 January Training and Running in France (Grenoble, France)

I was in France. Grenoble, France for the last two weeks of January, so my training was a little less then previous years.

Hotel does not have the worst fitness room, not a great, but I have seen worse.  It has an exercise bike, treadmill, and elliptical.  Also, it has one of those circuit training things.  Not going to use it.
Exercise bike sucks.  Treadmill and elliptical are ok. 

Grenoble has a mountain with a fort at the top.  Wikipedia gives a nice little description, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastille_(Grenoble).  There is trail up to the mountain.  I was in Grenoble 10 years ago for work, before I started training, or even really thought about doing triathlons.  I decided since I was going back, I was going to run up this mountain.  It has a very wide, 8-10 foot wide, winding trail up the side.  Mostly packed dirt and gravel.  Towards the top the rocks get larger, and you need to be a little more careful.  There are some tight sections with stairs.
During the time I ran up, it was mostly sunny and the temperature was probably right around freezing.  The run was hard, probably the hardest single training run I have done.  I think the vertical elevation is probably 800-900 feet.  I did as a mix of run, jog, and walk.  Once at the top and I stopped, it was cold.  I took some pictures and headed back down.  Running back down involved a lot of slowing myself down.  I should have taken some pictures of the trail as I ran up, but I was concentrating too hard on getting up the hill.  I was sore for two days after, and I am going to guess the soreness came from running down, not up.
My total time from leaving to hotel to getting back was about an hour and twenty minutes.  I would say I actually spent about an hour and ten minutes on the move. Making this one of my longest runs in a long time.
The first two pictures below are of the mountain, one before the run outside the hotel, the other after the run across the river.  Below that are some pictures from on top. Below the pictures from my run, are my usual tables for each month.


This is my lowest January training in awhile.  Decent amount of running for the month.  Got some elliptical in at the hotel.  St. Anthony's is at the end of April, so I am going to have to do some work in Feb, March, and beginning of April.  Who knows, maybe a short break in Jan\Feb will do me some good. A bit of refresh before getting started again.

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