Tuesday, December 8, 2015

November 2015 "Training" and Other Stuff

Not much this month, starting to wind down. 
Got a little bit in here and there. 
No swimming at all for the first time in a long time.  The last time I did not swim in a month was October of 2008. 

I am going to stop tracking my workouts and weight at the end of this year.  If I ever go back to racing, I am going to stop tracking all my data.  I am going to stop logging and tabling everything.  If I start racing again, I would like to do it in a more relaxed fashion, not where I am tracking everything.

The last few posts I do in 2016 will be summarizing my racing, training, weight, and a few posts that I have started and not finished. Then I will be done with the blog.

I did learn baby massage this month.  Pretty interesting.  I have given Charlie the GI massage, which has helped him with gas.  You can actually feel stuff moving along the GI track.  For the most part, he seems to enjoy it, or at least it doesn't bother him to much.

After about 8-9 weeks, Charlie has settled down a lot.  Almost a totally different baby.  He goes to bed without any rocking, or humming, or anything.  He can sit in his little chair, or swing, or on his play mat for fairly long periods without fussing.  He smiles and laughs and coos, it is pretty cool. 

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