Friday, September 4, 2015

August 2015 Racing and Training Summary

This August I had 3 Olympic distance triathlons and one TT.  With all that racing, I cut back on training a little bit.  I had USAT AG Nationals, Lake Marion, and Maple Grove.  USAT and Maple Grove were a little slower than last year, but still not too bad.  Lake Marion was my first time doing the Olympic.  My time was not great but I managed to win my AG, so that made up for a slower time.

I already posted my TT results for this year and my past results.  I was able to finish fairly strong, tying my fastest time for the year.
8/11 - 10 miles = 26:47 (22.85MPH)

I think I had decent month training.  Not too much to say about it. It was only the second month this year that I swam more than I biked.  With 3 races and a TT, most of my hard biking was during a race, I kept it a little easier when I did training runs.  Same thing went for my running.  I kept my training runs a little short and a little easier.  I have not been running as good as last year, so I am not sure killing myself at this point is going to be useful.

Compared to previous Augusts, this was a little bit less.  Last August, I swam a little less, biked a little more, and ran a little more.

Below are the usual charts.  I have been able to maintain, on average, including weeks when I did no training for some reason or another, 2 hours of cycling, a little less than 2 hours of swimming, and an hour of running per week.  Consistency.

Comparison of August from Year-to-Year

Totals and Averages Since 2007

YTD Total and Since 2007

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