Sunday, January 25, 2015

2014 Training and Racing Summary and Comparison to Previous Years

There are bunch of tables and charts below (fun!).  Data.

The table below has the totals for swimming, biking, running, strength, and other (other is usually elliptical, maybe some yoga) from year-to-year starting in 2007.  2014 was the most time I spent racing and training since 2011.  2014 had a total of 261.55 hours, compared to last year, 253.04 hours.  Swim was down from last year, bike up a lot, run up a little.

There is a chart below with swimming, biking, running, and total time.  Charts can be more fun than tables, at least to look at.

Below that chart, is a chart that breaks down all my races, by type (triathlon, duathlon, run, and bike), by month.  Not surprising the peak is June, July, and August, with June being the most of the three months.

The bottom most table breaks down each race type by year.  Since 2006 I finished, I only put in races finished, a total of 203 races, with 106 of those races triathlons (76) and duathlons (30).  The number of TTs I have done (53) now surpasses the number of running races I have done (40).  My attempt at cyclecross racing is short lived, at 4.  Maybe I will go back to cyclecross someday.

I am not sure why I keep track of all this.  Who am I kidding, I am sure some of it is OCD.  It has some value to me, it shows me where I have been and where I am going and what I have done.

Time Spent Swimming (also Yardage), Biking, Running, Strength, and Other from Year-to-Year

Swimming, Biking, Running and Total Time by Year

Races by Type and by Month

Race Breakdown by Type and Year

Saturday, January 3, 2015

December 2014 Training Summary and Weight Summary

December was all training work.  Nothing exciting.  This was the most total training time I have put in, in a December since December of 2010.  It was not intentional, just happened to work out that way.  Most of my time increase came from putting in some more time in the pool than the previous years.  January will be interesting, since I am going to spend the last two weeks in France for work, and then a week in Italy for vacation.  Like last January, I wanted to ramp up my bike time and intensity, that will be difficult to do.  I think I will have to save that bike ramp up for mid-February.  I can try to run more in January, that will probably be the easiest thing to do while I am in Europe.  Mostly I am going to have to do what I can while I am there.  My time will be consumed by work, unfortunately.

I am going to do year-to-year comparison of my training totals in a different post.  I did get over 100 hours on the bike, over 104 hours, that means that I have averaged over 2 hours a week on the bike.  I have not put in over 100 bike hour since 2011.

I have only registered for two races at this point.  St. Anthony's, as always, last weekend in April, and Gear West Duathlon, as always, near the end of May.  Still thinking about other races.

Comparison of December Training from Year-to-Year

Since 2007 Totals and Averages

YTD 2014 and Totals Since 2007

Since I don't have much to say in terms of training, I thought I would put in my final weight tracking results for the year.  On 12/31/13 I weighed in at 193, on 12/31/14 I weighed in at 183.  My weight, as expected, when up and down throughout the year.  Below are a number of charts.  One chart is each time I weighed myself, since 2007, one chart is my average for the year, standard deviation for the year, range for the year, and minimum and maximum for the year.

I have mentioned previously what I attribute my weight loss to this year, over previous years.  I will mention it again.  My wife made a deliberate effort for us to eat more veggies and chicken, less red meat.  We do a lot of cooking from the Weight Watchers and Skinny Taste cookbook.  Also, a little more portion control.  I am hungry all the time, portion control is difficult.  I have try to do a better job about eating snacks in between meals.  Trying to eat better "fillers" between meals.  Besides eating better, and differently, I think the increase in bike time and intensity, and run intensity, helped with my weight loss.  Of course, a loss of about 10 pounds, on average, helped my speed this year.  It probably helped my endurance, being that I did not have to tote that extra 10 lbs around.  I would like to get under 180, but I think that will take some extra effort I am not ready to commit to.

Weight Tracking Chart

Year-to-Year Average Weight

Year-to-Year Weight Standard Deviation

Year-to-Year Weight Maximum and Minimum

Year-to-Year Weight Range