Sunday, January 2, 2011

Run, Bike, Swim December Totals, 2010 Totals, Year by Year Comparison, Totals Since 2007

Here are my run, bike, and swim totals for 2010, comparison for previous Decembers, totals since 2007, and comparison of previous years. Totals include racing and training.
In 2011 can put in over 300 total hours?
Pretty amazing that in 2007 I put in less than 100 hours and in the last two years I have averaged over 100 hours swimming.  By the middle of 2011 I will have a million yards swimming since 2007.

I put in 1.3 hours of strength training this December.  In 2010 I put in a total of 15.2 hours of strength training.  In my injury year of 2009 I put in 23 hours of strength training, but only 22 hours of running.  Those 22 hours were in the first 3 months of 2009.

Year-To-Date (2010 Total) and Total Since Starting in 2007

December Comparisons

Year-by-Year Comparison

Totals and Average since 2007