Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wait - Another Look at My Weight at the End of the Year

I track my weight out of curiosity and to see if there are any trends.  I try to weigh myself every two weeks.  Back in Feb I posted weight data for myself.  Again, I weigh myself in the morning, nude, after going to the bathroom, so it is consistent.  Below some of the yearly data is a graph of the measurements. 2011 was similar to 2010, in terms of average, but in 2011 the standard deviation was the largest ever since 2008, when I lost a lot of weight.  Weight loss probably due to the fact I started training really hard and stopped drinking "regular" soda. 
You can see about halfway through this year I started going up.  I expect that once I get back to "normal" training intensity and time in 2012 I expect to drop some lbs.  I should also start to watch my portion size a little more.  I tend to eat large portions, especially when those portions consist of yummy meats.  This is something I need to cut down on, especially since my doctor remarked on my cholestrol this year.  Uh oh.  She just said I need to take it easy on the meats and fried foods, which I will definitely try to do in 2012.  Though, I don't think I am THAT bad at it.  I will be more aware and cut back.

All weight in pounds

2007 Average Weight = 204.65
2007 Standard Deviation = 1.63

2008 Average Weight = 191.52
2008 Standard Deviation = 6.39

2009 Average Weight = 191.81
2009 Standard Deviation = 2.40

2010 Average Weight = 189.54
2010 Standard Deviation = 1.72

2011 Average Weight = 189.92
2011 Standard Deviation = 4.13

Friday, December 30, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Bike I Want - QR Illicito

The Quintana Roo Illicito is the next bike I would like to purchase.  Problem is price and the fact I will not have the money anytime soon for this beautiful piece of bicycling carbon fiber.  The frame, fork, and seatmast is $3200, which is not bad at all, but still out of my price range especially since I have to provide a component groupe, crank, pedals, and cockpit, which could run anywhere from 2500-5000+ more dollars.
A review of the bike from TriSports University only makes me want to get this bike even more.

I will probably go on about this bike more in the future.  So cool.......

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Race Count - 2006 to Present

I put together a table of all my races.  I think all of them, since 2006.  2006 is basically when I started keep track of races.  In 2004 and 2005 I did a lot of road races, mainly 5Ks, but I did not keep track of them. 
Again, 2009 was the year I was injured.  One triathlon was a relay, and the other I walked the run.  The duathlon was a relay.

The two years with the most total races are 2008 and 2010.
The year with the most triathlons is 2008
The year with the most duathlons is 2007
The year with the most TTs are 2007 and 2008
The year with the most road races, running, was 2006
I have done a total of 48 triathlons since 2007 and 24 duathlons since 2006
I have done 33 TTs since 2006
I have done 25 road races since 2006

I would say I have amassed a pretty good amount of race experience in 6 years

Saturday, December 3, 2011

2011 November Racing and Training Summary

I am still in my "off-season" mode.  By looking at my numbers and comparing to previous years, this means that I am swimming less, but doing more biking and running than in previous Novembers.  So, I guess I am not taking that much time off.
I did one 5k in November.  It was at the Dakota Athletic Center, I think that is what it is called, out by Mystic Lake Casino.  It is on the golf course, actually it is on the paved cart path, and it is not flat.  It was also windy and cold, below freezing.  It hurt, I was sucking wind the whole day.  I had a slow day.  My time was 24:57, which comes out to 8:03min/mi.  Not terribly impressive, but it is November.
On Thanksgiving Day Jackie and I did the Kenosha Mayor's Run.  There is a 10k and 2 mi, we did the 2 mi down by the Lakeshore.  Nice run.  Good course with a mix of flat and some up and down.
On Monday nights I have been doing the CompuTrainer TT race at OptumHealth Performance.  It is extremely painful.  There is a 12.4mi course and a 27.2mi course, both are not flat, very challenging to go as hard as you can.  I did the short course 3 times and the long course one time.  Below are my times.
1st Short Course - 38:53 (19.1MPH)
2nd Short Course - 40:10 (18.5MPH)
3rd Shourt Course - 38:11 (19.5MPH)
1st Long Course - 1:41:11 (16.1MPH) - The long course is basically all uphill.
The 5 fastest times for the month, plus the course CR, are kept on the white board by the trainers for both the long course and short course, for both male and female.  At the end of the month, the fastest person gets a prize.

I spent one week in November in a Holiday Inn Express Motel (not a typo, it was a motel, not a hotel) in CA.  It had a terrible workout room.  So I did some elliptical and upper body strength stuff on the small weight thing that was in the workout room.

I did a total of 1 hour of elliptical for the month, I don't count this as running, and about 45 minutes of strength work for the month.

Comparison of Novembers

Totals Since 2007 and Monthly Averages
2011 YTD and Totals Since 2007