Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Training Log for 1/21/13 - 2/10/13

Trying to post the workouts I do every week would be too time consuming, and probably just plain boring.  I try to occasionally post workouts, as an example of what I do to train.  Hopefully, it gives people an idea of what I am doing, they can compare to what they are doing, and/or they can comment and question me.
Depending on the LA Fitness, treadmill is either min/mi or mph.
I would say this is an average of 3 weeks while I am training and not racing, basically Jan - May/June.

Monday 1/21/13 - No workout

Tuesday 1/22/13
Bike - 70 minutes on trainer at home.  35 minute warm-up and then 20 x 30 sec hard/30 sec ez, warm down rest of time.

Wednesday 1/23/13
Swim - 400fr, 200k, 300pull.  2x(4x50 (1-12.5fast\37.5ez, 2-25fast\25ez, 3-37.5fast\12.5ez, 4 AFAP) 100pull), 2x400, 200fast, 4x100 = 2900 yards about 60minutes

Bike - 30 minutes at home on trainer, mostly ez

Thursday 1/24/13
Run - 30 minutes on treadmill at LA Fitness.  5 minute warmup.  3x(2.5% incline at 8:15min/mi for 1 minute, then 1 minute at same pace at 1%incline).  Then 3x(3.5% incline at 8:15min/mi for 1 minute, then 1 minute at same pace at 1% incline).  Then 1 minute at 4.5% incline at 8:15min/mi pace.  Then 5 minutes at 1% incline at 8 min/mi pace.  4x(30 sec at 7min/mi pace, then 30 sec at 8min/mi pace).  Cool down rest of time.

Friday 1/25/13
Strength - 30 minutes at LA Fitness.  3x15 of each, triceps biceps, chest press, seated row, seated dip, back extension, prone ab machine, ball wall squats, and leg lifts).   Then planks, about 20-30 seconds on each side and flat.

Saturday 1/26/13
Run - LA Fitness on treadmill for 40 minutes.  5 min warmup then, 5x(3min at 8MPH, 2min at 7MPH) then 3min at 8.2MPH and 2min at 7MPH, then 3min at 8.5MPH and 2min at 7MPH.  Then warm down.  All at 1% incline.

Sunday 1/27/13
Bike - Spin class at LA Fitness for 69.5 minutes.  Did not track exact workout details.  Alternate between high resistance (50-70rpm), medium (70rpm-90rpm), low (100+rpm). Most work done at high and low and rest done at medium.

Run - At LA Fitness on treadmill, right after spin class, for 12 minutes.  Get on treadmill and run as hard as I can for 10 minutes (average 7:20 min/mi pace). Cool down last 2 minutes.

Week total = 5.695 hours
Swim - 1 hour and 2900 yards
Bike - 2.825 hours
Run - 1.37 hours
Strength - 0.5 hours

Monday 1/28/13
Bike - At home on trainer, for 40 minutes.  20min moderate, 10min increase pace and resistance, 10min increase pace and resistance.

Tuesday 1/29/13
Strength - 30 minutes at LA Fitness.  Kind of max lift workout day, mostly legs.  10, 5, 3, 1 reps, and keep doing 1 rep and increase weight until I cannot lift anymore.  Leg press, leg curl, seated leg curl, leg extension, seated ab machine, back extension, seated row, seated dips

Wednesday 1/30/13
Swim - 5x200(fr, k, drill, pull). 2x(100( 50k twist, 25overkick, 25swim), 4x50(1ez k, 2 75%, 3 85%, 4 all out), 250 pull). 3x100k, 150swim, 3x50 kick on back, 100 swim = 2800 yards and 60 minutes.

Thursday 1/31/13
Run - 35 minutes on treadmill at LA Fitness.  1% incline, 5 min warmup and then run about 28 min at 7:40min/mi or faster, then cool down last 2 min.  Did this workout around lunch time

Bike - At home on trainer.  Low resistance for 25 minutes at a steady pace.

Friday 2/1/13 - No workout

Saturday 2/2/13
Run - 45 minutes at LA Fitness on treadmill.  First 15 minutes warmup to 7.2mph at 1% incline.  5x increased incline (1-3 at 2.5% and 4-5 at 3.5%) for 1 minute then 1 minute at 1%, all at 7.2mph.  Then 1% at 7.2mph until 30minute mark.  Then 5x(30 sec at 8.5mph and 30sec at 7.2mph), then at about 39:30 mark, 0.1 mile at 7.7mph, 0.1 mile 8.2mph, 0.1 mile at 8.6mph, then cool down last 2 minutes.

Sunday 2/3/13

Bike - Spin class at LA Fitness for 64 minutes.  Did not track exact workout details.  Alternate between high resistance (50-70rpm), medium (70rpm-90rpm), low (100+rpm). Most work done at high and low and rest done at medium.

Week total = 4.98 hours
Swim - 1 hour and 2800 yards
Bike - 2.15 hours
Run - 1.33 hours
Strength - 0.5 hours

Monday 2/4/13
Swim - 800fr, 2x25 alt side k, 2x50(3 stroke, 5k), 2x50(fingertip catchup), 2x25 sit kick, 200 (overkick odd lengths), 6x50k fins and board, 400 (increase k every 100), 2x150pull@2:30, 2x100pull@1:45,  4x100@0:50 = 2800 yards and about 60 minutes

Bike - At home on trainer for about 25 minutes at steady moderate, sometimes harder, pace.

Tuesday 2/5/14
Bike - At home on trainer for 60 minutes.  15 minute warmup.  Then 30x 30 sec hard and 30 sec ez.  Then warm down rest of time.

Wednesday 2/6/14
Swim - 400fr, 2x25 rotate dr, 2x25 zipper, 150pull, 2x50 board wag, 100pull, 6x25dr, 100pull, 2x150(75fr, 50back, 25br and 25fr, 75back, 50br), 4x125(2pull and 2k), 3x300 (in ~4:58 out at 5:30) = 2700 yards in about 60 minutes

Thursday 2/7/13
Strength - At LA Fitness for about 25 minutes.  3x15 (bicep, tricep, chest press, seated row, lats, crunch machine, back extension, raised leg lifts)

Run - At LA Fitness on treadmill, immediately after strength, for 20.5minutes.  5min warmup to ~8:30min/mi.  13 minutes at about 7:30min/mi, faster than 7min/mi for 0.2mi.  Then cool down

Friday 2/8/13
Swim - 300fr, 200k fins, 300pull, 200dr, 300(every 4th nf), 4x(50k, 2x25sprint, 100pull), 4x50k (25d, 25fr), 4x(2x25 dr/fr) = 2700 yards for about 55 minutes.

Saturday 2/9/13
Run - At LA Fitness on treadmill for 45 minutes.  25min warmup, speed from 6mph - 7.2mph.  Then speed 5x(30sec at 8mph and 30sec at 7.5mph), then 5min at 7.5mph, then 5x(30sec at 8.1mph and 30sec at 7.5mph), then 4min at 7.5mph, then 1min at 8.3mph.

Sunday 2/10/13
Bike - At home on trainer for 30minutes.  Steady moderate.

Week total = 6.26 hours
Swim - 2.83 hour and 8200 yards
Bike - 1.92 hours
Run - 1.09 hours
Strength - 0.42 hours

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January 2013 Racing and Training Summary

Intensity.  I have definitely increased the intensity of my workouts.
Started Masters swimming, only 1-2 days a week, but that will change to 3 days a week in Feb.  The Masters swimming group (I Swim, LLC) I am now is much more intense than the previous.  The warmups are longer, there is typically some drill and technique work, and then an intense workout set.  The coach is much more interactive with the group than the previous Masters swim groups I have been in.  Hopefully, this will up my swim performance, and overall performance.
I have been going to the LA Fitness Sunday morning spin classes and they are pretty intense.  I think this has been a good workout to start doing. The class is about 55 minutes, but with warm-up I usually get an hour+ workout in.  During the week I do additional cycling at home, on trainer.  Intensity depends on how I am feeling.  Some times it is a 20-35 min easy to moderate spin, some times it is a 30-60 minute moderate spin with some intervals.  Intervals go anywhere from 30sec to a couple minutes.
My runs have been entirely treadmill.  I know, boring, but actually not that bad.  Usually I am doing a run during the week that is about 30 minutes, with either speed or steep incline intervals.  Then a Saturday run that is 40-60 minutes of more steady pace, but with some type of speed interval built into it.  I am feeling pretty good about my run at this point.
I have continued to do about a half hour of strength work a week.  Alternating between upper and lower body, and always doing back and abs. 
Total time for the last 3 years is pretty consistent. Swim is down, but if you look at my year-to-year, I am swimming more in less time.  5.7 hours in 2010 was 15400.  In 2012, 5.87 is 16,700.  I would say my swim intensity is higher than previous years.   Bike is up from last year, and about the same as 2011.  Run is down a little from last year, but I would say my intensity is better.  The last two years I have had the advantage of working out at OHP.  I do not have that anymore, so it is a little more challenging to get the workouts in, at times.

Comparison of January Training From Year-to-Year

Totals and Averages Since 2007

YTD Totals and Totals Since 2007