Saturday, April 11, 2015

March 2015 Racing and Training Summary

February and March are typically the months where I put in the most training, as I try to get ready for St. Anthony's and the season as a whole.  This year, with travelling to Europe, I lost some time in Jan and Feb.  No biggie!  I am doing this for fun and sometimes I need a vacation.  Anyway, a 3 week break at this point in the season might be very helpful.  I learned last year, taking some extra recovery time before a race can be very helpful.

In March, I tried to pack some more in with the hope that I can get in what I need before I taper a little before the race at the end of April. 

For the 6th year, 5th in a row, I did the Irish run 8K.  They changed the course a little bit this year.  I think it is a little easier, hard to say.  Weather this year was better, last year I think it was below freezing. The run felt pretty good.  I didn't feel any odd pain or stress on my body anywhere.  Nothing unusual.  It was painful, but it was meant to be.  In an attempt to work on my patience while racing, I started out a little slower and tried to get faster throughout.  
This would the 3rd course change in 6 times I have done it.  Always up and down Summit, they just change the start and finish lines.
Here are my results:
2015 - 37:47 (7:36/mi)
2014 - 37:53 (7:38/mi)
2013 - 38:10 (7:41/mi)
2012 - 39:11 (7:53/mi)
2011 - 38:49 (7:49/mi)
2009 - 36:40 (7:20/mi)
Good news, I have gotten progressively faster over the last 4 years.  Slowly, faster, but faster.  I have mentioned this in the past, I did run that fast time in 2009 on a stress fracture.  Have not been able to get back to that.  It must have been the right combination of something on that day.

Below is the usual, comparison of March to March year after year.  Totals since 2007, averages since 2007, and YTD totals.  It was my highest swimming total for a month in a long time, and I was able to go over 10 hours on the bike, so it was the kind of March I would like to have.

Year-After-Year March Comparison

Total and Averages Since 2007

YTD and Totals Since 2007