Sunday, November 28, 2010

Possible 2011 Triathlon/Duathlon Schedule?

I have been thinking a little bit about 2011 and the schedule I would like to race.
I am going to go from 18 races this year to maybe 12 races, or less, in 2011 and no Half-IMs.  I would like to race less and possibly go faster.  I might look at some small shorter races to substitute for some of these popular races.
This is incredibly tenative, but I thought I would throw it out there.  No dates yet.  My girlfriend is going to Nicaragua for PA school and we might go there and go scuba diving before she starts.  This is mid-July and will result in some adjustments.  I plan on doing all the T'N'T races this year.  Hopefully, early in the year I can do some 5K and 10K runs.
St. Anthony's Triathlon - St. Petersburg, FL
Gear West Duathlon - Orono, MN
Apple Duathlon - Sartel, MN
Manitou Sprint - White Bear Lake, MN
Lake Minnetonka - Excellsior, MN
Lake Waconia (Long Course) - Waconia, MN
MinneMan - Oak Grove, MN
Timberman (Long Course) - Grand Rapids, MN
Brewhouse (Long Course) - Duluth, MN
Turtleman - Shoreview, MN
Maple Grove Olympic Triathlon - Maple Grove, MN
St. Croix Valley Olympic Triathlon - Hudson, WI
Dousman Duathlon - Dousman, WI
Cannon-Well Duathlon - Faribault, MN

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Turkey Waddle 5K

This morning I did the Turkey Waddle 5K.  It is a 5K put on by the Augsburg PA school, which my girlfriend attends.  It is pretty informal, no race numbers, no real timing, just some people from the PA program with friends, relatives, significant others, etc.  This is the first open 5K I have done since April.  That 5K I did as a walk and jog with my girlfriend.  I was still worried about my stress fracture and I did not want to push it, I averaged over 11min/mi for that 5K
Back to this morning.  The run is around Lake Phalen in Saint Paul and is almost exactly 3.1 miles by my GPS.  This morning it happened to be about 33 degrees, snowing hard, and windy.  It was cold and wet.  I started out pretty hard and backed off a lot.  The footing was sketchy and on the west side of the lake the wind was pounding with ice pellets.  They guy who finished first came in about 20 minutes, second came in about 3 minutes behind him, and I came in third about 3 minutes behind at 26:15 (8:28 min/mi).  Not my fastest by any stretch, but pretty good for the crappy weather. 
Hopefully I can do one or two 5Ks for before the year is out in better weather

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OptumHealth Performance Now Open

OptumHealth Performance is now open.  I am working part-time there at the front desk.  Checking people in and working the "register" when people buy stuff in the Gear West satellite store or when they buy training or services.  I will also probably help setup stuff for class and do other odd jobs.
OptumHealth Performances offers a host of classes, personalized coaching options, testing (VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold, etc), and analysis (Bike, Run, etc). 
They have great studio setup with mulitple TVs, Tacx virtual trainers, CompuTrainers, and the necessary tools for building core strength.  There is also the pool, where Masters swimming is held Mon, Wed, Fri morning from 6-7, and Tues and Thurs from 12-1.  I have been swimming there for a couple of years.
The phone number for OptumHealth is 952-746-4442.  If you call on Mon or Wed night after 5PM you might get me answering the phone.
The website, where you can check out all the classes and services is:
Email is

Check it out!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

2010 Goals and Results

So here are the goals I set for 2010 and the results for 2010

Complete 7 out of 10 events in the Midwest Events Series - Started 9 events, DNF'd one race on a flat, and finished the other 8 events.

Triathlon T1 Average <1:50 - Averaged 2:22 for all 14 Triathlons.  I did not spend as much time as I should have lowering my T1, and T2, times.  I am pretty happy with this, but could have been better.

Triathlon T2 Average and Duathlon Transition Average <1:05 - Du Average = 1:15 and T2 Average = 1:55.  My T2 average should be better.  Next year I need to improve that.

10+ Mile Bike at 24.5MPH or greater - Averaged 23MPH at Turtleman.  I think this goal was a little too aggressive.  Next year I will shoot for 24MPH.

Break Top 10 in my AG (35-39) - Finished Top 10 in AG in 7 races, including 3rd in AG at Maple Grove Olympic Distance.

10K <44min - This was a ridiculous goal from 2009, before injury.  I will shoot for under 45 minutes in 2011.

Three Half-IMs/70.3 Races - I did two and that was plenty.  This was kind of dumb goal.

Do some cycle-cross racing - I bought a cycle-cross bike and I have done 3 Tuesday night training races.  Not sure I will do a "real" cycle-cross race on the weekend before the year is out.

I am pretty happy with my year and what I have accomplished, especially since I was coming back from an injury.  Some time later this year, or early next year, I will have my 2011 goals.

Friday, November 5, 2010

October 2010 Workout Summary

October saw a decline in the time spent working out, to no surprise.
After completing my season I backed off a bit, both intentionally and unintentionally. I ended up spending a week in Dresden, Germany for work at the end of the month. That week I only got about an hour in, which is probably a low for the past two years.
I intended to do more cyclecross, but only got in two training races on Tuesday night. These races were tough, exhausting. Maybe, maybe in November I will get one weekend race in, otherwise it will be next fall.
I hope to get my bike at 10+ hours in Nov, Dec, etc and keep the run about 5 hours.  I would like to keep the total for the month about 20+ hours from now on. 
I got about an hour in of strength training for the month of Oct.  I would like to add to that in the winter months.  My strength training consists of doing weights, upper and lower body, on the "machines" at LA Fitness.  Also, doing core work with medicine balls, bosu balls, etc.  I would like to do 20-30 minutes 2 times a week.  Hopefully, I can do the strength work into March or April.  Once it gets close to the race season I will probably devote much less time to strength and focus on the "big three".

October Workout Summary and Comparison to Previous Years

YTD 2010 Totals and Totals Starting in 2007

Totals Since 2007 and Monthly Averages

Monday, November 1, 2010

2011 Felt DA Promo Video

Got this from the Gear West Bike and Triathlon blog.  Pretty cool promo video about the 2011 Felt DA.
This would be a sweeeeet bike to own