Monday, October 12, 2015

September 2015 Racing and Training Summary (And More!)

The big news for this month.....we now have a son.  Charles David was born on September 23rd.  He was a healthy 9lbs and 1oz and 22 inches long.  All is well.  As people with children know, it changes everything.  Of course, he will change everything about training and racing, and life.  He will change everything about life for the better :)

I did get in two Salomon Trail Races this month.  It was pretty hot\humid both nights.  The distance for the first two runs is about 4.2 miles, the longer of the two courses.  The final two races are a shorter distance course.
4.18 miles = 36:30 (8:44/mi)
4.18 miles = 35:54 (8:33/mi)
These two times were slower than last year, by a fairly good amount.  My fastest time last year, on this course, was 34:11, so my fastest this year was about a minute and a half slower than last year.  My run has been slower this year than last year, so my results are not too surprising.  I have not been able to put a finger on why my run is slower this year.  Maybe, when I run, I have been pushing harder than last year, and not mixing in enough easier runs, like I did the year before.  I will try to do a little more analysis towards the end of the year.
I am going to try and do the last Salomon trail race of the year, 10/14.

With the birth of our son, my training has slowed, actually halted, a bit.  Not a bad thing.  I haven't taken time off in awhile.  As of this writing, Oct 6th, I have not worked out in over two weeks, maybe almost three weeks.  That is probably the longest I have gone without a workout in awhile.  I might try to go for a run soon.  See how that feels.  I think for the rest of the year, I am going to workout when I can, no real plan.  Probably the way it should be.

Below are the usual tables.  I am down a bit from previous years, to be expected. 

September Year-to-Year Comparison
Totals and Averages Since 2007

YTD Totals and Totals Since 2007