Monday, June 25, 2012

2012 Lake Waconia Triathlon Race Report

I woke up the morning of the race  and I felt really tired and somewhat disoriented.  I wasn't super tired the night before so I laid in bed for awhile and read, I don't think I fell asleep until after 11, which is not great when you are getting up at 4AM, especially since I was pretty tired all week.  I also had a little tummy ache in the morning.
I went through my usual routine, of shower and shave, yogurt with frozen fruit and granola and a banana.  On the drive to race, donut and coffee.
I just felt tired this morning.
As always, got there early and setup. The lake was glass and it was warm outside.  I was sweating pretty good the whole time before the start.
The guy next to me in transition, probably in his 50s, had a 5 gallon pale to sit on, which is no big deal, and a rubbermaid storage container with his stuff in it, that he left in transition the whole race.  I think rubbermaid tub is a little much for your transition spot.
Shortly after setting up my transition area I realized I forgot something.  A water bottle.  That was a new one.  First time I have ever forgot a water bottle.  So, I went without a water bottle on the bike.  Probably not a great way to go on a hot day like today.  I did my usual water and Gatorade drinking pre-race with the hope it would be enough until I got to the run course and had some water.
Before the race I spent a little time chatting on and off with people. I did a very short bike warm-up to make sure the bike was ok.
I did a swim warmup, mainly to cool off in the water, and waited for the start. Since it is a TT swim start there was some standing in line, and sweating, before your turn came up.
The swim was pretty uneventful.  Water was calm and the traffic was not too bad.  I did not feel too tired on the swim.  It went pretty well, average.
I got out of transition pretty quick and off to the bike.  I started in an easy gear, since there is pretty decent climb out of transition.  When I was swimming and in the transition area, it did not seem windy, out on the bike course it seemed windier.  My legs felt pretty heavy on the bike, so I concentrated on my form and hoped for the best.  I was hot and I did get parched on the bike, so not having a water bottle on the bike probably did have ill effects on me.  After the race, for most of the day I had a headache, which I have learned to associate with being dehydrated.  The length and severity of the headache tends to go with the amount of dehydration.  The headache today was pretty painful and last most of the afternoon and evening.  Interestingly enough, I had to pee most of the time I was on the bike and my tummy ache went away.
The bike course has some hills on it.  I would say that the first one out of transition and there is one in the last five miles that got me out of the saddle, are the toughest.
While I was on the bike, I could tell that the run was going to be difficult.  The run is not flat, it has a couple of decent climbs and false flats, so it would be more challenging than normal.
I got out of T2 pretty quick, almost forgot to take my helmet off.
There were times on the run I felt ok, and at times I felt terrible.  I just had nothing in my legs to work up the hills.  It was hot and each time I was able to take some water in, and pour some on myself, I felt a little recovery and I was able to run a little bit faster.  The run was not that painful, my legs would just not turnover.  Such a huge difference from the Lake Minnetonka triathlon the week before.  My pace was almost a minute difference between this week's race and last week.  The two course are vastly different, and the conditions are vastly different, but it is amazing how much different my run pace was between the two.
At the end of the race, they did have plenty of cold water, which was awesome.  The last two races seemed to lack cold water at the end.  Also, there was cold water out on the course at Waconia.  They also had a good supply of fruit, especially watermelon which I love after a race.  There were cookies, mini-muffins, chips, and granola bars.  Of course, Gear West and Kevin were out grilling hot dogs. 
My race results are not the greatest, but I am happy I was able to go out and finish on a beautiful morning.  I recommend Waconia for anyone looking to do a challenging race that is well run.
This coming weekend I will be doing MinneMan.  This year is the first time they will have an Olympic distance event.  In the past there has only been a sprint course.  I will be doing the Oly.
2012 Lake Waconia Results
Swim (880 yards) - 15:07 (1:43/100 yards)
T1 = 1:49
Bike (20 miles) - 57:40 (20.8MPH)
T2 = 1:25
Run (4 miles) - 34:07 (8:32/mile)
Total = 1:50:06
Overall = 111/317
AG = 11/29, 6 minutes slower than 2011, same place in AG
Pace = 4:30/mile

2011 Lake Waconia Results
Swim (880 yards) - 15:11 (1:44/100 yards)
T1 = 2:15
Bike (20 miles) - 54:02 (22.2MPH, fastest bike split at Waconia)
T2 = 1:07
Run (4 miles) - 31:35 (7:54/mile, fastest run split at Waconia)
Total = 1:44:09
Overall = 90/315
AG = 11/26
Pace = 4:15/mile

2010 Lake Waconia Results
Swim (880 yards) - 15:04 (1:43/100 yards)
T1 = 1:43
Bike (20 miles) - 54:20 (22.1MPH)
T2 = 1:46
Run (4 miles) - 34:21 (8:36/mi)
Total = 1:47:10
Overall = 129/361
AG = 12/30
Pace = 4:22/mile

In 2009, Jackie and I volunteered on the bike course with my leg in a cast due to my stress fracture.

2008 Lake Waconia Results
Swim (880 yards, windy and choppy, miserable swim, ick) - 24:33 (2:48/100 yards)
T1 = 2:34
Bike (24 miles, bike lengthened due to construction) - 1:07:57 (21.2MPH)
T2 = 1:35
Run (4 miles) - 32:09 (8:03/mile)
Total = 2:08:45
Overall = 188/431
AG = 22/38
Pace = 4:31/mile

Saturday, June 16, 2012

2012 Lake Minnetonka Triathlon Report

It started out sunny and warm, by the time I got out of the water it was raining.  The bottom picture above was taken after the race.  It was like that the whole race.
That did not stop it from being a good/great race. 
I got up at my usual time and had the usual breakfast.  I got to T1 early, as usual.
I had a chance to talk to a few people, some of whom I had not seen at races yet this year.
The race start announcements started about 10 minutes earlier than expecte.  I expect the reason for this is that they had an idea ran was coming, that was not predicted when I checked the morning weather.  By the time the announcements were done and we walked to the start, the swim is point-to-point around a point, it was cloudy out.  The first wave started about 4 minutes earlier than planned.  Which was great, no reason to wait around.  My plan for the swim was to start outside and work in to the first bouy.  It is a nice swim course and I was happy with my swim.  I got out and it took me a minute to realize that it was raining out.  It was raining pretty good out, and it was that way the whole race.  I wore my sunglasses on the bike, but kept them tipped to the end of my nose so I coul easily look over them.
I got out of my wetsuit and on the bike much better than last week.  Part of that was due to going no socks, which was a really good idea for this day.  I am going the rest of the year sockless.  I was worried about running sockless, but there were no issues at all.  Going sockless is really going to help my transition times.
The only and only time I did this race was in 2010. I remembered the swim and run, but the bike I did not totally remember.  The bike is somewhat hilly, definitely more hilly than last weeks Manitou sprint.  I tried to be as aggressive as possible on the bike, and it went pretty well, even in the rain, some times coming down pretty hard.
There was a guy in my age group that was going back and forth with me on the bike.  At one point after the turn around, a guy in the 45-49 AG passed me, then the guy who was going back-and-forth passed me and got on his tail.  This was a flat part of the course with a headwind.  It appeared the guy from my AG wa drafting off the older guy.  This kind of pissed me off.  I did pass him again, then he passed me right into transistion.  He had a small lead out of transition, but I passed him on the run and he never was able to catch me.  So, poo on him.
While I was out on the bike, two fellow triathletes who were not racing that day, Suzie and Paul, were out on thier bikes and at two different points cheered for me.  That was great.  It is always good to have people you know cheering your name. 
When I came out of T2, I saw Jackie, Jen (my sister-in-law), and Jen's two boys.  It was great to hear and see them.  Jackie's two nephews are so cute and energetic. 
The run out has slight uphill and then mostly flat.  That uphill is tough at the beginning and the end.  At the top of the hill the Gunthers were cheering, which was also really nice.
Once I got out on the flat part it felt pretty good.  I had a really good rhythm.  I did have the thought that I am going to skip Tuesday Night Time Trial this coming Tuesday.  I am going to need the extra legs for Waconia next weekend.
When I finished, it was still raining, and Jackie, her sister, and her sister's boys were there to cheer me in.  I chatted with them before they left the rain.
Aside from the rain, or maybe because of the rain, it was a really good day to race, and I had a really good race.  I was faster than 2010, by 2 minutes, and that improvement was spread over the swim, bike, T2, and run.  My run pace was the same as Manitou last weekend.
I recommend the Lake Minnetonka Triathlon.  The bike course is challenging, but not long, the run course is mostly flat, and the swim course is a nice point-to-point.  It is a well run race.  The food at the end leaves a little to desire (muffin assortment, bananas, apples, and oranges), but everything else is done very well.  The volunteers were great.  Everything went very smoothly.
Next week is Lake Waconia.

2012 Lake Minnetonka Triathlon Results
Swim (880 yards) - 13:04 (1:29/100 yards)
T1 - 2:02
Bike (14.5mi) - 41:13 (21.1MPH)
T2 - 0:59 (Two weeks, to T2s under a minute, almost 30 seconds faster than 2010 T2)
Run (3mi) - 22:49 (7:37/mile)
Total - 1:20:06
Overall - 72/466
AG - 7/44
Pace - 4:27 min/mi

2010 Lake Minnetonka Triathlon Results
Swim (880 yards) - 13:27 (1:32/100 yards)
T1 - 1:51
Bike (14.5mi) - 41:58 (20.7MPH)
T2 - 1:28
Run (3mi) - 23:20 (7:47/mile)
Total - 1:22:01
Overall - 85/452
AG - 13/42
Pace - 4:27 min/mi

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012 Manitou Sprint Triathlon

It was hot and windy on Sunday.  Very much different than when I did this race in 2010.
If I remember correctly, in 2010, it was overcast, damp, and a bit cooler.
Anyway, earlier in the week I started feeling a little "off".  I rarely get sick, but Wednesday and Thursday I had almost no voice, no sore throat, just "froggy" and unable to speak.  Thursday things started to break up and I had more voice, but also more coughing, clearing, and some snot to go along with it.  On Sunday, I felt ok, still hacky and hoarse.  I cannot say for sure this affected my performance at all.  I don't think it did, I did feel a little fatigued going into the race.  This might have been from doing the Tuesday Night Time Trial during the week, working out, and not getting enough sleep. 
Onto the race, as always, I got there early and got setup fairly quickly.  I saw a lot of people I know at this race and I had plenty of time to chat, since I got there so early.  That was nice.
I warmed up on the bike briefly, mainly to make sure that the bike was ok and to check the wind.  Bike was ok.  The wind did not seem too bad, but I will get back to that.  Then I went for a short run.
Onto the race
The wave was only my AG, which is nice because it gives you and idea of where you are during the race.  I started out kind of slow, intentionally and unintentionally.  The unintentional part was that I missed starting my watch, so I kind of messed with it while getting in the water, which put me at the back when I started swimming.  The water was choppy, and sighting was difficult, especially on the way because you are swimming into the sun.  I came out of the water 9th, of 26, in my AG.
Transition in a long run up, and I jogged it.  That is not the reason for my SLOW T1 time.  The slow time is due to having a little trouble getting out of my wetsuit and trouble getting socks on.  I am skipping biking and running in socks.  I tried running without socks on Monday night and there were no issues.  No more racing with socks on.  Unless I have problems at Minnetonka this weekend, then back to socks.
Once I sorted out my issues and got on the bike, I got a feeling for the heat and the wind.  The wind was pretty bad, I felt like I was getting pushed around a lot, that along with the horrible road surface, made for an unpleasant/uncomfortable ride.  I think my biggest mistake on the bike was not paying enough attention to my pedal stroke.  I think I was getting sloppy with my foot and knee position.  I think if I paid more attention, like I was doing at St. Anthony's and GW Du, I would have had a faster time.  Something I need to continue to think about is bike form, it makes a big difference, at least for me.
I did get off the bike fast and on the run fast.  The run is pretty well shaded, but still warm/hot.  The out part of the run is mostly uphill and the back is mostly downhill.  I felt ok on the run, not strong.  The first mile I felt very fatigued, but as it went on I started to feel better, which was a good thing.  There was a lot of people, volunteers, people who finished the race, and spectators cheering, which was really nice.  I felt I did a good job of concentrating on my run form.  Close to the finish I got passed by a guy, who happened to be in my AG, so I ended up missing 4th place in my AG by about 6 seconds.  Not a big deal.  Not sure I would have done anything about it had I known the guy was in my AG.  Typically, I am racing for myself and not concerned with my competition.  How I finish in my AG and overall, is how I finish.  That being said, I think with a better T1 and a little better concentration on the bike, I might have been able to squeeze in the Top 3 in my AG.  There is always next year.
After the race there was some time to wait until we could go into transition and get our stuff.  So I decided to get the free massage, which I had never done before.  I learned what I already knew.  I need to take more time for massage/use the roller when I do recovery, also probably stretch more.  I am tight and I can get cramps, mostly in my hamstrings and glutes.  So, stretching and massage needs to become something I do regularly.  Again, something I already knew, but something I need to do.
OptumHealth Performance puts on this race.  It is very well excuted and as far as I am concerned it went very smoothly.  My only recommendation would be cold water/cold beverages at the finish.  The water was warm and water was the only option.   Otherwise, everything was great.
This coming weekend is Lake Minnetonka Triathlon, which I last did in 2010.

2012 Manitou Sprint Triathlon Results
Swim (880 yards) = 15:26 (1:46/100yds)
T1 = 3:14
Bike (13.5mi) = 38:34 (21MPH)
T2 = 0:54
Run (3.1mi) = 23:37 (7:38/mi)
Total = 1:21:43
Overall = 76/308
AG = 5/27
Pace = 4:47/mi

2010 Manitou Sprint Triathlon Results
Swim (880 yards) = 15:22 (1:45/100yds)
T1 = 2:18
Bike (13.5mi) = 37:49 (21.4MPH)
T2 = 1:34
Run (3.1mi) = 23:40 (7:38/mi)
Total = 1:20:41
Overall = 100/345
AG = 13/38
Pace = 4:43/mi

Interesting to note, my St. Anthony's run time from 2011 and 2012 are exactly the same and my Manitou times from 2010 and 2012 are nearly the same.  Very strange.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May 2012 Training Summary

In May, my training time was down from previous years.  I did do two time trials, a duathlon, and I also got married.  The getting married is the biggest event of the month and the year, and possibly my life.  It was a great wedding. I don't think I could have asked for anything more.
Even though my time was down from previous months, and previous Mays, I feel I still got high intensity workouts in that will benefit me this season.  I felt pretty good most of the month.
Below are my results from the two TTs I did this month, along with comparisons to previous Mays.
In June, I will do four triathlons, so there will be action packed weekends.

Tuesday Night Time Trial Results

5/8 - 11 miles = 30:12 @ Average Speed = 21.85MPH
5/22 - 11 miles = 29:14 @ Average Speed = 22.58MPH

Nice improvement over the the two weeks
May to May Comparisons

Total and Averages Since 2007

YTD and Totals Since 2007