Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weight, Training, and some other stuff

It has been awhile, I have been busy (not a good excuse), and I have been forgetful (not a good excuse either). I finished taking the LSAT yesterday, and I am glad to be done with that. It has been a long time since I studied that much and since I took such a long test. If I decide to go back to school it is going to be rough at first. Now that I have both the GMAT and LSAT out of the way I can think about if and when I want to go back.

On the right I posted my summaries for training, with and without races, for the last couple of years plus the offseason so far this year. This offseason would be a lot more relaxing if work was not so scary, with the economy and all.

I also put my weight trending for the last 12 months. Pretty interesting to me. Not too suprising I am starting to uptick a bit. That is what happens when you slow down training in the cold winter of MN, weight goes up.

I registered for St. Anthony's in late April, so I will doing that as my first race again this year. I am going to do two half-ironmans but no IM 70.3, at least not at the moment. Mainly a money thing. If I end with more money than I think, maybe I will add a late one on the schedule. Maybe Longhorn or something.


Tat said...

There is one in late september in Augusta, GA. 70.3 May be you can make it to our neck of the woods!

Christopher Hawes said...

Your suggestion was already on my mind. I have a list of 70.3s I could do and that is on my short list. I will have to see how things progress. I am definitely looking at doing one in Sept or Oct.

lu said...

I guess this is the difference between competitor and rec. rat.

I have a loose "training plan" that really adds up to how many days on and off, which days to do weights, or how fast I go. I wouldn't know how far if it weren't for Map My

Is there anything you do like that, or is this a trait, to keep track of everything in other areas of your life?

Christopher Hawes said...

I keep track of my workout time, distance, etc. to see if it has any effect on my race performance. I think it will take a few years before I can tell anything. I am tracking my weight because it was a concern of mine since I was well over 220 at one point not too long ago. I really have to be careful not to obsess about the weight thing.
I also track my tasks completed at work. I do that for my yearly review and for accountability purposes.
I make a lot of lists. Goals, to do, etc.
I can be pretty anal at times.
I had a triathlon coach this season and I hope to have one next season. We work through the Training Peaks website. Through the website he would give me daily workouts and I would input time to do workout, distance, my comments, etc. Worked pretty well.

lu said...

I should read this response first.

So you must be one of those middle thinkers who get yanked this way and that---both sides pulling at the other; balancing in the end.

I never compete, and I rarely do group runs. It's really a shame; I'd meet more people that way. As it is I function in a bit of a hamster ball, always moving, untouchable, protected...