Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.
Having the week off work has been strange. Today I spent the day in a coffee shop, not having the nerve to talk to the woman at the table next to me. Then I babysat my friends Matt and Jen's kids (Ben (5), Madigan (6), and Joe (1.5)) for about an hour. Then Matt and the kids had dinner, watched Wall-E, and the kids went to bed. Now me and Matt are hanging. I think it will be a quiet NYE, unless something comes up in the next few hours.
I have some pictures from Christmas at my dad's house that I am going to post eventually. The pictures are of the Christmas tree, the cats, and the strange weather. Strange weather being heavy snow December 24th, it looked like half a foot on the ground, and then temperature above 50 degrees and raining on the 26th and 27th. Just strange. I did not workout the whole week of Christmas, had two pretty hard workouts so far this week. Monday was 30 minutes on the bike and one hour on the treadmill and Tuesday was 30 minutes on the bike and an hour and a half on the treadmill. Hour and a half on the treadmill is too long. I am pretty sore. Some more running, a little swimming, and some spinning to finish off the week.

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lu said...

Oh, the loss of nerve--I never have nerve. I often feel like I move through life with those blinders that race horses where. I bet the woman sitting next to you was having the same thoughts.

I'm commenting here about your previous posting about workouts as well... I have similar anxieties aobut workouts--sometimes i dread them and stress in anticipation of forcing myself to do them. I'm always happy that I did the workout, but there are times when I think my body is saying.."enough" and when I don't listen I pay the price.
Sometimes I fear if I take a day off I might let it all go. It's a crazy headgame thing we do.

Best of the best for you!