Monday, December 8, 2008

Check out Trijuice and the Holiday Giveaway

Check out Trijuice and the Holiday Giveaway and yes I am trying to win a prize


lu said...

now just which prize are you going for?

I noticed on your profile that one of your favorite books as Truck, a love story.

He did a reading at the bookstore where I moonlight. I brought my boys to see him and they're still laughingn at the who notion of the bad hair trifecta.

Christopher Hawes said...

Another training tracker, Training Dairy, not sure I need it, but what the heck.

That book is great, and that is very funny. It is interesting, I have a few friends who read it and don't like it because they say he goes off on tangents and it isn't linear enough for them, I guess. That is one of the reasons I like it. That and I can relate to him in some ways.

I see you like Bon Iver. I bought the CD For Emma, Forever Ago last weekend. I friend of mine knows Justin Vernon and he had been feeding me some of the music. The CD is fantastic. I really like a lot.

lu said...

I'm with you on the non-linear appeal. I like streaming consciousness, the tangents inform the whole. I suppose it's a right brain vs. left brain thing; Lean to the right and the big picture is clear, so the bits and pieces flashing in and out illuminate the structure of the whole, and casting light in places that were once dark. Sometimes the bits collide and make for new... Lefties seem to need to pick up the pieces of the whole one at a time, each piece should build a foundation for the next and they see the structure erected one bit at a time; chaos is not supreme.

I'm a big fan of chaos, and what's found in the shadows, light and collisions. It makes it difficult to keep things organized.

You'll have to keep me posted on the music your listening too. I love discovery.

Christopher Hawes said...

My work thinking tends to be very linear, it has to be in some sense because I am an engineer. When I am left to my own devices it tends to be non-linear. I guess part of me is rebelling.