Monday, December 23, 2013

Race Totals Since 2006 (All Races) and Some Statistics

Since 2006 I have completed 178 individual races.  The breakdown by race type is in the table below
Triathlon = 66
Duathlon = 28
Running Races = 35
Time Trials = 45
Cycle Cross = 4

Race Count Table

My biggest triathlon years were 2008 and 2010 and my biggest duathlon years were 2006, first year racing, and 2007.  There are a number of years that I did 5 or more TTs.  My biggest run race year was 2006, when I started doing duathlons.  I replaced run only with duathlons, triathlons, and TTs, which makes sense.  This year I did do 7 run only events, which is the most since 2006.

I also added a chart to breakdown the races by month, just to get an idea of which months are the busiest and what type of races I do each month.  Being in MN it makes sense the busiest race months are going to be June - August.  June looks like the busiest overall.  Most duathlon are in May and September.  Most triathlons are in July.

Month-to-Month Race Count Comparison

I took the total distance I raced each distance, and the total time spent racing each distance, and then divided the two to see my average speed\pace at each.  By my estimate I have raced over 3500 miles and spent over 230 hours racing those 3500 miles.  I have spent over 1700 hours racing and training,so I have trained about 1500 hours.  The ratio of the time I spend racing to training is about 1:6.5, so for every hour I spend racing, I spend 6.5 hours training.  Kind of an interesting statistic.
My average 100 yd pace is 1:45, my average bike speed is 21.4MPH, and my average run pace is 8:31/mi.

Table of Total Time and Distance Racing, with Pace\Speed

I will post my total racing and training time for the year at the beginning of 2014, along with comparisons of totals for previous years.


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