Sunday, November 7, 2010

2010 Goals and Results

So here are the goals I set for 2010 and the results for 2010

Complete 7 out of 10 events in the Midwest Events Series - Started 9 events, DNF'd one race on a flat, and finished the other 8 events.

Triathlon T1 Average <1:50 - Averaged 2:22 for all 14 Triathlons.  I did not spend as much time as I should have lowering my T1, and T2, times.  I am pretty happy with this, but could have been better.

Triathlon T2 Average and Duathlon Transition Average <1:05 - Du Average = 1:15 and T2 Average = 1:55.  My T2 average should be better.  Next year I need to improve that.

10+ Mile Bike at 24.5MPH or greater - Averaged 23MPH at Turtleman.  I think this goal was a little too aggressive.  Next year I will shoot for 24MPH.

Break Top 10 in my AG (35-39) - Finished Top 10 in AG in 7 races, including 3rd in AG at Maple Grove Olympic Distance.

10K <44min - This was a ridiculous goal from 2009, before injury.  I will shoot for under 45 minutes in 2011.

Three Half-IMs/70.3 Races - I did two and that was plenty.  This was kind of dumb goal.

Do some cycle-cross racing - I bought a cycle-cross bike and I have done 3 Tuesday night training races.  Not sure I will do a "real" cycle-cross race on the weekend before the year is out.

I am pretty happy with my year and what I have accomplished, especially since I was coming back from an injury.  Some time later this year, or early next year, I will have my 2011 goals.

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Brian said...

A great year for you Chris. I hope you can achieve that bike goal of 24+. I'm still trying to record a 23+ in a race. I guess that will be my goal for '11!

I look foward to seeing you out there in 2011. Have a great offseason. If the Cash Cow ever comes in, maybe I can check out Optum some day!