Sunday, August 1, 2010

2010 Brewhouse Triathlon (Long Course) Results - 51st Multisport Race Completed

On Sunday I finished my 51st multisport race since 2006. I have done 34 Triathlons and 17 Duathlons as an individual. I have also completed 2 relay Duathlons and 1 relay Triathlon. I also had 2 DNFs, one flat and one intentional when I had my stress fracture. So, I have started 56 races, completed 54 races. That includes sitting out 2009.

Jackie and stayed at an AmericInn in Cloquet, MN the night before Brewhouse. The hotel SUCKED. I reserved a room online about 4 weeks before, maybe more, maybe less. At any rate, I know I reserved a non-smoking. They said sometimes the website screws up and we should call to confirm. Good to know. Why don't you put that on your F'n website. Basically, we got a too bad for you from them. I call Holiday Inn and they had a vacancy for 300 bucks a night. Almost every hotel in the area was sold out due to the 'Tall Ships" being in Duluth. So we stayed in the "dungeon" as Jackie referred to it. It was a nasty room and a nasty hotel.
Packet pickup was a little disappointing. It was probably the longest line I ever waited in for a packet pickup. Probably more than 20 minutes. They seemed a little disorganized.
We went into Duluth for dinner and ate a Thai restuarant. The meal was good. I am a fan of Thai food, I would go back to this place. They give you a healthy portion of veggies in your curry. We went for a walk around canal park before heading back to the crappy hotel. Canal Park was fantastic with the boats and the people. What a great area.
I got up on Sunday, after sleepy pretty badly, and had two bananas, yogurt, and some Gatorade. We stopped at a gas station and I got the usual coffee and donut for the pre-race.
No issues setting up transition, getting numbers marked, and using the bathroom.
Headed down to the beach for the swim start. The short course started at 8:30, the long course at 9, so I had some time. I chatted with David Thompson and Devon Palmer while warming up and waiting. David finished first, no surprise, and Devon finished second.
The day was cool, for the most part, no real wind, and light humidty. The swim went off without a hitch. My swim time was about 1:20 faster than two years ago. The transition is long and narrow, and the long course athletes are at the opposite end from the swim enterance. It was a long run up transition and to the bike.
Since there is a long hill at the start, I stayed out of the aerobars and in easier gear until it flatten out a bit. Then I shifted down and got into the aerobars. The long course is two 10.3 mile loops. Half of the 10.3 miles is some of the worst roads I have ever ridden on. Potholes, cracks, uneven, just all kinds of bad road. Very rough on you when you are in the aero position. I thought I was going really slow, but I was only about 1 minute slower than 2 years ago. So it was not that bad at all.
I was grateful to get off the bike. I did not sprint out of transition, because I knew I was going to have to run uphill for awhile once out. I settled into a comfortable pace to start. I forgot how hilly the run was. It feels like a tough run course. The last mile in it started to rain a little and the pavement started to feel hot and humid, almost suffocating. Even though the sun had not really been out all day, it still started to feel nasty when the rain came down. Luckily, most of the last mile is all downhill and that made it bearable.
I felt good, as good as I have felt on just about an run this year. I was pushing myself about as hard as I could and was surprised with my results. I was only about 1:46 slower than two years ago.

2010 Brewhouse Triathlon (Long Course) Results
Swim (1408 yards) - 24:17 (1:39/100 yards)
T1 - 2:26
Bike (20.6mi) - 58:29 (21.1MPH)
T2 - 2:18
Run (5mi) - 40:39 (8:08min/mi)
Total - 2:08:06
Overall - 61/154 (small field, smaller than 2008)
AG - 9/12 (really small field, about half the size of 2008)

No race next weekend. After 11 straight weekends, I get a weekend off. Next stop, Turtleman

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