Friday, July 16, 2010

Racine IM 70.3 - Some thoughts, a little nervousness

I have only done one half-ironman, or 70.3, and that was the Longhorn 70.3 in Oct. 2008. I will be doing my second one this Sunday and my first of this year. I also plan on doing the Pigman Half in August, about a month away.

I am a little nervous about Racine, partly due to the unknown, partly due to what happened at Longhorn. So I sent my Kris, my coach at OptumHealth Performance, an email with some rambling thoughts. He told me to give him a call, so I did. He gave me a plan, that sounds pretty good and I am going to go with it. I just need to cement it in my brain and make sure I stick to it.
No plan for the swim, just do it. Not worried about it.
On the bike, sip water and/or electrolyte fluid every 5 minutes. At about an hour and a half eat something. Gel is good. Something more solid is better. I am going to carry a Clif Bar (I like blueberry the best) with me, plus some gel. I think I can stick to this plan.
On the run, come out slow and work up to a pace, and walk every aid station. Take some water, or other fluid as needed, at every station. Take a gel every 45 minutes, with water. I think this is a plan I can do also.
It is supposed to be hot, 90s, on Sunday, so getting water on me is a necessary also.
I had a plan at Longhorn, and I did not stick to it. I probably took in enough water on the bike, but not enough other stuff. I came out on the run to fast and did not stop at aid stations until I need it, instead of before I needed it.
I just need to stick to the plan and be patient.
Not that the two can be compared, but below is my result from Longhorn. Longhorn is much hillier course, especially the run, than Racine.

2008 Longhorn 70.3 Results
Swim (1.2 miles = 2112 yards) = 29:23 (1:31/100 yards), I think this was short
T1 = 4:27, what was I doing?
Bike (56 miles) = 2:50:48 (19.7MPH), I was happy with this
T2 = 2:26
Run (13.1 mi) = 2:19:37 (10:39 min/mi), and there is the collapse. I ran the first 4 miles or so and then just walked the rest.
Total = 5:46:43
Overall = 741/1929
AG = 97/219

I don't have a goal time in mind for Racine. I would like to be out of the water around 30, off the bike in 2:45, and I will take what I can get from the run. If I went under 5:30 I would be thrilled.

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Brian said...

Chris - I would not even worry about the splits. I know, tough not to glance at the watch. But just go with the plan and the times will come. Don't get hung on the splits. Good luck!