Sunday, July 25, 2010

2010 Chisago Lakes Sprint Triathlon Results

My plan, as usual, was to go as fast as possible on the swim and bike, and take the run as it came. I really wanted to have a good bike today, and I had one of the best rides I have had all year (3rd on the bike in my AG).
The weather was nearly perfect, sunny, not too humid, not too hot.
Midwest Sports Events has an interesting arrangement for waves, they are arranged by registration order, not by AG. It makes for interesting waves because they are mixed age and sex.
Swim was the shortest swim of the year. I was out of the water in about 7:30, the swim time includes a run up a fairly steep hill to the start of the transition area. The swim is short, but hectic, the waves are two minutes a part but the area is tight and mixed with slow and fast people, so you have to do a lot of darting around to get through the short course.
Once out and up the hill the transition area is grass, tight, and goes up and down the crest of hill. I got in and out pretty good, no real issues.
The first part of the bike is short ride on the street, quick on a grass area, onto a bike path, through a tunnel, and off the bike path onto the road. The course is mostly flat, with no real tough climbs. I was able to spend the entire bike on the aerobars, except when taking some sips out of the water bottle and turning corners. It was nice to stay in the big front chain ring, and the smallest gears in back for most of the bike. It felt like a really good bike. For about 10 miles of the bike I was back and forth with two other guys, not sure what age group they were in. Being that the waved were mixed, I did a lot of passing and a lot of yelling "On Your Left". There were people going 2 and 3 wide and people riding in the middle of the lane for no good reason, as usual. As usual, I got through it with no issue.
I got into T2 with no issues. I had the usual time with socks and shoes. No biggie. I am used to it.
The run is a 5K and not terribly flat. Getting out of the park is down a decent hill and up a decent hill. Once out of the park you go out on the street and up a large hill. At the top of the hill you get a little relief with some flatness. Then you hit something of a false flat and long incline. The worst part of the run back is getting into the park and having to run a hill immediately into the park, the one you ran up and down on the way you, then the course turns away from the T2 exit to the finish, which is a short and steep switch back hill. Kind of a kill to have right at the finish.
My friends Matt and Jen and their 3 kids were at the finish line waiting for me, which was really nice. After a little refreshment and chatting with some people, I met them at the beach and played in the water with Matt and the kids. I think playing with the kids in the water wore me out as much as the race. I was exhausted after the race, I was really exhausted after playing in the lake. It was the first time playing in the water in awhile and it was a fun way to end the day at the race site.

2010 Chisago Lakes Sprint Results
Swim (440 yards) - 8:44 (2:10/100 yards), includes run up to transition
T1 - 1:59
Bike (21 mi) - 56:23 (22.3MPH), same as two year ago but on a longer course
T2 - 1:40
Run (3.1mi) - 25:03 (8:04 min/mi)
Total Time - 1:33:49
Overall - 59/808
AG - 5/57

2008 Chisago Lakes Sprint Results
Swim (440 yards) - 9:18 (2:19/100yards), includes run up to transition
T1 - 1:54
Bike (17 mi) - 45:39 (22.3MPH)
T2 - 1:09
Run (3.1mi) - 24:25 (7:52 min/mi)
Total Time - 1:22:25
Overall - 68/779
AG - 7/51

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