Monday, May 31, 2010

Apple Duathlon 2010 Results

It was a hot day. Less humid than last weekend, more sun and more heat. Sunny, beautiful day.
I got there early and got setup. Enjoyed some social time and warmed up. It was nice to have some conversation time with people both before and after the race.
It must have been a fast day, because a number of course records were set overall and in AG groups.
As planned, I went out slow. Kept a constant, fairly slow pace through the first mile and picked up speed. My goal was to go about 9min\mi, I went faster than that. I think I negative split the run. Very nice.
I got out of transition as fast as last year.
I biked hard, basically as hard as I could. There were points on the course that felt fantastic. There were times I was turning the hard gear and it felt smooth and nearly effortless. Then, I turned the corner and started during heading south, into that dreaded headwind. Not as bad as previous years, but still tough. Just pedal, stay in the aerobars, and keep the head in postion. That is exactly what I did. I PR'd the bike and had my fastest bike split in a duathlon. A two'fer on the PR.
I had problems with my second transistion, for the second weekend in a row. I got to the correct row, but someone put their bike in my spot and I ran passed not noticing my stuff. Luckily, the guy who came into transtion in front of me, quickly pointed out that I ran past my spot. Lucky for me someone else was observant. I slowed down, put my bike in the rack, and slowly put my shows on. I came out slow, and ran the hill out of transition slow. Once over the hill I picked up speed and the run felt pretty good. Again, I am pretty sure I ran a negative split on the run. It was not hard, considering how slow I ran the first mile.
It was hot, but for the most part felt good. I still feel awkward running. I am still trying to figure out my gait. I think it might take the entire year to get it, which is fine.
It is hard to compare last week's race to this week's race because the courses are so much different. The Apple course has a fairly flat run on pavement while the Gear West course is mostly grass and goes up and down a lot. The Gear West bike course is shorter and has more hills than the Apple course.
Below are my results for this year

R1 (3.1 mi) - 26:49 (8:38 min/mi)
T1 - 0:58
Bike (20.46 mi) - 57:42 (21.3 MPH)
T2 - 1:24
R2 (3.1 mi) - 29:10 (9:24 min/mi)
Total - 1:56:01
Overall - 117/238
AG - 16/31

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