Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Workout Totals for the Month of April and YTD

April consisted of one very slow 5K, still taking it easy, and St. Anthony's.
Below is this April and the last three Aprils for comparison. In April of 2007 I spent most of the month in Germany, hence the low totals.

If I add in my aquajogging (0.67hr) and PT and strength (0.9hr) for April I get at total for April 2010 of ~26hrs, this includes races. A little lower than previous years, but I still think I am getting the good workouts in. Most of the difference is run time, which is to be expected.
I hope to ramp up the running starting in May.

Totals since 2007 and averages per month

Year-to-date totals and since 2007 Totals

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