Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Totals for May 2010 and YTD

In the month of May there was two TTs and two duathlons added into the training totals.
Below are the totals for this May compared to previous Mays. In all Mays, except 2009, there were TTs and duathlons, I think in May of 2008 there were two TTs and three duathlons. You can see that I stopped running and basically stopped biking in May of 2009. You will notice this trend with comparisons to 2009. I stopped running and basically stopped bike in May 2009, and I started wearing a walking cast for about 3 months at this point.
Below are the YTD totals and the totals since 2007. I am wonder if I can hit a million yards by the end of this year. Probably not. Probably not until early 2011.

Below are the totals since 2007 and the average per month since then. These totals include all races. I think 21+hours of training a month for over 3 years is a pretty good average.
This Sunday I am doing Pigman Sprint in Palo, IA. Last time, and only time, I did the race was 2008. I will have a little preview before Sunday.

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