Monday, March 22, 2010

Workouts for the Week of 3/15 Through 3/21

Monday (3/15) - Bare foot aquajogging/pool running in the warm pool. As usual, I mixed in some swimming. About 40 minutes of jogging in the pool and 5x200 plus a 100 at the end, about 18 minutes. Workout felt ok.

Tuesday (3/16) - 20 minutes on the exercise bike at LA Fitness. Not my favorite place to ride. I don't really care for the exercise bike. They hurt my ass. Once off the bike I did PT and strength work. Did my usual PT exercises, plus 4x10 woodchop on each side with the 6lbs medicine ball, 5x10 squats with 30 sec hold after each, and 3x80 crunches.

Wednesday (3/17) - Here is the Masters swim group workout. Fast with a lot of rest.
200 fr
100 pull
100 nf
4x50 drill
100 kick
12x50 fast 40 sr
200 ez pull
8x50 fast 30 sr
200 ez pull
4x50 fast 20 sr
300 ch cool
Total Yards = 2600 (about 60 minutes)

Thursday (3/18) - 75 minute bike workout. Looked a little something like this
6x2 minute in a big gear with 60 sec ez between
6x90 seconds in a bigger gear with 30 sec ez between
6x30 seconds in a even bigger gear with 60 sec ez between
Cool down

Friday (3/19) - Friday's Master's Workout
200 fr
150 dr
4x30 second vertical kick hard while holding onto the wall. After each 30 second do a 50ez
4x50 pull
6x225, after each 225 get out of the pool and jog the two pools. Fun Fun
2x100 kick ez
2x100 pull
50 ez
Total Yards = 2550 (Time about 60 minutes)

Saturday (3/20) - Got up and went to Gear West. Just me and Curt spinning. He put in the video "What it Takes". We watched the "spin" version, which is basically a cut down version of the documentary to music. That was about 50 minutes of constant medium paced spinning. Then did one of the Spinervals, I think it might have been Spinervals 29, it was about 35 minutes long. It consisted mainly of doing two 6x1 minute sets, where you spun 10 seconds as hard as possible and 50 seconds ez. So, did a total of 85 minutes at Gear West. In the afternoon I then did another 90 minutes at a constant medium to medium hard pace with a cool down at the end. On Saturday did a total 175 minutes and it felt pretty good. This is the most time I have put in on the bike on a day in about 16 month

Sunday (3/21) - Did the usual Fartleks around Lake of the Isles with Jackie. We alternated 3 lightposts at a jog and 2 lightposts at walk. I felt ok. It took about 35 minutes.

Swim Yardage for the week: 6150 yards
Swim Time for the week: 2.25 hours
Bike Time for the week: 4.5 hours
Run (jog) Time for the week: 0.58 hours
Aquajog Time for the week: 0.67 hours
PT and Strength Time for the week: 0.42 hours
Total Time of the week: 8.42 hours

Went over 8 hours for the week, and almost 8.5. Put in 4.5 hours on the bike for the week, which has to be the most I have put in very long time.
My only concern this week, I am writing this on Tuesday the 23rd, is that there is some ache in my left leg, which I have had before. The ache is general. Some pain by the ankle and some up around the knee. There is also some occasional pain around the stress fracture area, not associated with anything in particular, just pops up now and then. I am not going to jog until later in the week and only if there is no pain. See what this week brings.

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