Tuesday, July 7, 2009

6 Month Update, and Still a Fracture

I went to the doctor on Monday (7/6) and I still have a fracture. It appears to be smaller, but still it is there. I went in hoping for the best, and so did the people around me, but it is still there. 
So I go back in a month and have it checked again. I will continue to take Vit D supplements, Ca supplements, and use my friend the the Exogen 4000+ Ultrasound Bone Healing System. 
I will continue to swim, pull only, lift weights, and bike a little. Bike very little and very easy when I do. Hopefully, next time I go in there is no fracture and I can start running and biking. 
I just need to be patient, which is getting harder.
I have posted my stats for the last 6 months, including my weight.  Weight has gone up a little, to be expected.  I am getting a decent amount of weight lifting in, almost entirely upper body. The swim is continuing as it should.  The last 8 weeks has been entirely pulling, very, very little kicking.  My shoulders do not hurt as much as I would expect.  Maybe all this pulling is not as detrimental as I thought it would be.  
Of course, I have had to redo my goals.  Hopefully, I can pull some of them off by the end of the year.  I am going to pretty much take my goals from 2009 and use them for 2010.  

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