Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Analysis of Bike Performance Since 2006 - Comparing Bike Speed to Training Time

This is the first of three posts were I will compare my training time, and yardage in the case of swimming, to my performance.  One post for each discipline of swimming, biking, and running.

I have compiled my bike data since 2007, to look at my performance compared to my training time.  I have results for 2006, but no training data.  I did not start tracking training data until 2007, which is unfortunate, since it would be nice to have training data from the start to compare performance data from the start.  The total training time and the total bike time are taken for Jan-Sept of the year.  I used this period because I felt it was the most important part of the year, and typically Oct-Dec I don't race and I take it a little easy.

I compiled all the bike speed data (TT, triathlon, and duathlon) and put that in a table with bike training time data and total training time data.  Click on the table enlarge. 

Bike Data Table

My slowest bike speed for any given year does not vary much from year-to-year. Slowest time, 2008, was from Escape from Alcatraz, very steep, hilly course. Also, I was probably doing too much sight-seeing while riding. In reality, my bike data does not vary much from year-to-year, it is pretty flat. If you throw out my slowest from 2008 and take my next slowest, my range would be about 3mph for each year, except 2006 and 2008.
In 2006, my average bike speed is about 19MPH. I basically flattened out after 2008, averaging about 21.5MPH.  After my injury in 2009, I also stopped paying for a coach in that year, I have not shown much improvement since then.  I improved from 2006 to 2008. During that time the volume and intensity went up dramatically.
If you look at the data, I can train about 70 hours over the 9 month period, at the effort I am putting in, and stay consistent.  I am guessing I need to add more effort, and maybe a little more time, to better my performance.
Also note, in 2006 I was riding a Lemond Sarthe road bike with clip-on aero bars and no race wheels.  Starting in 2007, I raced with a tri-bike and race wheels.  Also, 2006 is duathlons and TTs.

Select any of the tables below to enlarge. 

Total Bike Training Time Compared to Average Bike Speed

Total Bike Training Time Compared to Fastest Bike Speed

Total Training Time Compared to Average Bike Speed

Total Training Time Compared to Fastest Bike Speed

When comparing my total training time, or bike training time, to average or fastest, the data points trend the same.  So, no real correlation between the two, or they are directly correlated, but there does not appear to be a negative correlation between my total training time and bike speed.
If you throw out 2009, then you see the fastest and highest average, which are about the same for each year, occur with over 70 hours of training.  So, I will just say, based on this data, 70 hours of bike training a year is a minimum.
As long as I am doing only duathlons, sprint triathlons, and olympic distance triathlons I can stick to the 70-100 hours.  If I do a 70.3, or longer (IM not going to happen), I would need to increase my training time.  To improve my speed, I will have to, have to, increase my output.  I will have to train harder, not longer.  I know over the last two years I have not put as much effort into training, even though I have put in the time. So, to improve that max speed and average speed I need to train harder.  It has been said many times, "You need to train faster to go faster".  This is something we all know, and I know, it just needs to be put into action.

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