Saturday, September 29, 2012

Review of my 2012 Duathlon Results and Comparison to Previous Years

Not much to review this year.  Two duathlons, Gear West at the beginning and Dousman at the end.  Usually, these are the two Dus that start and finish the year.  Typically, I have one or two more in between.  Not this year, just triathlons in between.

My shining moments were, my fastest Gear West Duathlon and my ability to have a very good Dousman race after such a horrible race at St. Croix Valley.   At the GW Du I was able to have my fasest second run ever there.  I have done the Gear West Du 6 times, and it kicked off my foray into duathlons and triathlons in 2006.  It is amazing for me to see how much I have improved since then.  Especially my bike speed.

Below are my results from both races.  Click to enlarge

Below are the charts that compare my year-to-year average duathlon results.  Below the charts is a table of the data.  All pace is in fractions of a minute.  2006-2008, I show improvement in all fronts.  After my injury in 2009, there is a spike in 2010 as I come back from injury.  Basically, last three seasons I am up and down.  My average T1 time this year is a little off, I think it has to do with the timing issue that occurred at the Dousman Du.  My average overall pace and average second run in 2012 are improved over previous years, but it is also an average of two races.
One of the more interesting data points is my bike speed.  My average bike speed has been the same for the last 3 seasons, 21.3MPH.

Average First Run Pace Year-to-Year (Lower Pace is Faster/Better

Average T1 and T2 Time Year-to-Year (Lower Time is Faster/Better)

Average Bike Speed Year-to-Year (Higher Speed is Faster/Better)

Average Second Run Pace Year-to-Year (Lower Pace is Faster/Better)

Average Overall Pace Year-to-Year (Lower Pace is Faster/Better)

Table of Average Data


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