Sunday, September 4, 2011

St. Croix Valley Triathlon (Olympic) - Last Tri of the Season

2011 St. Croix Valley Results
Swim (1640 yards) - 29:00 (1:46 min/mi)
T1 - 2:22
Bike (24.8mi) - 1:10:31 (21.1MPH)
T2 - 0:51
Run (6.2mi) - 49:36 (7:59min/mi)
Total - 2:32:17
Overall - 40/103
AG (30-39) - 12/19
Overall Average Pace = 4:46 min/mi

2010 St. Croix Valley Results
Swim (1640 yards) - 28:12 (1:43 min/mi)
T1 - 1:41
Bike (24.8mi) - 1:10:49 (21MPH)
T2 - 1:31
Run (6.2mi) - 48:49 (7:51min/mi)
Total - 2:31:00
Overall - 26/103
AG (30-39) - 6/14
Overall Average Pace = 4:44 min/mi

I had a mild panic attack on the swim, it surprised me.  I have not had an issue on the swim since 2008.  At Waconia in 2008 the water was really rough and I thought I had no fear, well I was wrong and had my worst swim that year.  I am not sure what happened on Saturday, about a quarter into the swim I just started feeling tight and I had trouble breathing.  Maybe it was a combination of starting off faster/more aggressively than usual and the newness and tightness of my wetsuit.  I came to a stop and took a couple deep breaths, did a little breast stroke, flipped over, did easy backstroke, and then flipped over and swam.  I have no idea how much time I took, it seemed like forever.  If you look at my time between this year and last year there is only about a 45 second difference.  I must have really picked up after my little attack. 
I will back up a little.  When I left the house it looked like it had been storming, the pavement was wet and there was lightning to the north.  While getting setup and ready, it looked like it might rain.  It sprinkled a touch before the race.  Otherwise, it did not rain during the race.  It did stay cloudy until the very end.  This was a good thing.  It would have been hot and humid otherwise.
I did not really know anyone, I chatted briefly with Kortney (who won the women's race and was 5th overall) and Jared.
After the race a woman who swam/swims(?) at OHP chatted with me and the guy she was with, I think his name is Micah (sp?).  The guys said he reads my blog, and knew my name.  Hello to him if he is reading.  Thanks for reading.  Sorry if I was not cheerier post-race.
Once I got out of the swim I moved a little slower in transition and I took it a little easy on the bike to start off.  The roads out of Hudson are terrible, so I stayed out of aerobars until out of town.  Out of town the roads are pretty good.   This bike course is challenging.  It is not flat by any means.  It varies with rollers and some short steap climbs.  It does have some nice flat portions where you can get moving.  I got passed near the end of the bike by one person, otherwise I did a bit of passing, which I needed to do. 
On the way back in on the bike, still out of town, there was a left turn and there was a man down in the road.  Laying almost in the interesection and surrounded by some people.  He did not look bad at the time.  As I kept going, two cop cars passed me at full throttle.  Later I heard he was hit by a car.  As I was cleaning up my transition spot I saw him by his car, I assumed it was him since he was on his cellphone talking about his injuries and how he felt.  He did not look that bad, his face had some cuts and scrapes, and a large bandage on his leg.  I thought I would mention it since I have not seen\heard many on course accidents.
I got off the bike fast, I had a transition time under a minute.  I felt pretty good coming off the bike.  Jerry said my name and asked me as I was leaving transition how many races I had done this year.  I hand signaled 12 as I went by and he got it.  With the announcement of my name and race count I got some cheers, which was nice.
This run is also challenging, I don't think it is as challenging Maple Grove, but it is one of the more challenging runs.  There are some false flats, a number of climbs, and a lot of turns.  The run did not go too bad.  I got passed by a number of people, but that is what happens to me on the run.  Next year I have to do more hill work.  I get killed on runs with hills.  I just don't have the strength.  Both this year and last year I went under 50 minutes, which is pretty good for me off the bike.  No pain in the ribs or in my left butt, which has been bothering me since Turtleman.
I was a minute+ slower this year and 14 places worse overall.  If I was at my same time as last year, I am not sure I would have cracked the top 30, definitely faster competition.  I think the same can be said for the 30-39 AG.
My goal was to go under two and half hours here, less so at Maple Grove.  I thought I could do it here, eventhough I ran a little slower I could have done it if not for the poor swim.    Oh well, I have another goal for next year.  All in all I am fairly happy with how the day went. I think I came back pretty well from a crappy start.

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