Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lifetime Tri

It was kind of an average day, it felt worse than an average day.  Weather was pretty good.
Swim went well.  Bike hurt, legs were tired, neck ached, pains in my side (side stitch?), abdominal, stomach area.  Dropped water bottle, had to stop and pick it up, did not want a penalty and need the fluids.  Run hurt, much like the bike.  I was a little disappointed, but when I think about it and look at my times, it is really not that bad.  I wanted to do better, I think that is where the disappointment comes in, but it is gone.  It was a good day.  

Swim (1640 yds) - 31:53 (1:56 min/100yds)
T1 - 2:51
Bike (24.8 miles) - 1:12:49 (20.32 MPH)
T2 - 2:11
Run (6.2 miles) - 53:03 (8:34 min/mile)
Total - 2:42:07
Overall - 327/1148
Age Group - 51/156

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