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July 2013 Racing and Training Summary and a Little Analysis of TT results

July had two triathlons and three time trials, so it was a pretty busy month.
I would say two of the three TTs were pretty good, the last one the best of the year.  The one on 7/16 was the worst of the year.  I think it was the worst of the last few years.  Ugh.  I could not get going that evening.
Heart of the Lakes went well, missed my best time there by 11 seconds.  Chisago Lakes Sprint went pretty good too.  Slow bike, fast swim, and one of my better runs.  So, my triathlons for the month went well.
Total time this year was more than last year, but still down from previous years.  I feel like I am getting the intensity I need, I would, as always like to get a little more time in.  I don't think that is realistic with the amount I race.  I am tempted to train more, but I think with races every weekend, or every other weekend, I sometimes walk a fine line between training the right amount, and being too tired.  I don't know how many more years I am going to keep racing like this, 10+ races a season, but I think I really need to do more to frontload my training.  More time, and intensity in Dec-April, May.  My run is going better this year.  If I can keep it up, it might be one of my faster years, on average.

July Tuesday Night Time Trial (11 mi) Results
7/2 - 29:57 = 22.04MPH
7/16 - 31:09 = 21.2MPH
7/30 - 29:23 = 22.46MPH
Average so far this year = 21.91MPH (Std Dev = 0.492)
I need to have a good final race for the year.  The last time I averaged under 22MPH was 2006, my first year, 2007, the first year I had a TT bike, and 2009, when I only did two and was coming off a stress fracture.

I did a little analysis of my TT performance when I have a race the weekend before and when I don't have a race the weekend before.   I wanted to see if there is a significant difference between performing on legs that should be better rested, to legs that might be tired after a race weekend.  I looked at all my times, throwing out 2006 and 2009.  2006 was my first year and I did it on a road bike, and 2009 I only did two TTs and I was coming off of a stress fracture.  Also, I only looked at my Tuesday Night Time Trial (T'N'T) races.  I separated the TTs done after a race weekend from the TTs when there was no race the weekend before.  I subtracted the speeds from the average for that year.  Then I added up all those differences for the TTs after race weekends and divided by the number of races.  I then did the same thing for all the TTs that did not have a race the weekend before.  I ended up with two numbers that are an average of the differences in my performance for each year, based on the years average.  If you can follow that.  What I found was that there is little difference.  I was ~0.09MPH faster than my average speed when I had a race the weekend before, and I was about ~0.07MPH slower when I had no race the weekend before.  I did not look at the range or the standard deviation, but it is pretty large.  Based on the data, I would say that there is no difference in my overall performance if I race the weekend before or not.  I guess that, in itself, is a good thing. 

August is going to be a bit busier.  The last TT of the year and four (4) triathlons, two sprints and two Olympics.

Year-to-Year July Totals

YTD and Totals Since 2007

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