Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wait - Another Look at My Weight at the End of the Year

I track my weight out of curiosity and to see if there are any trends.  I try to weigh myself every two weeks.  Back in Feb I posted weight data for myself.  Again, I weigh myself in the morning, nude, after going to the bathroom, so it is consistent.  Below some of the yearly data is a graph of the measurements. 2011 was similar to 2010, in terms of average, but in 2011 the standard deviation was the largest ever since 2008, when I lost a lot of weight.  Weight loss probably due to the fact I started training really hard and stopped drinking "regular" soda. 
You can see about halfway through this year I started going up.  I expect that once I get back to "normal" training intensity and time in 2012 I expect to drop some lbs.  I should also start to watch my portion size a little more.  I tend to eat large portions, especially when those portions consist of yummy meats.  This is something I need to cut down on, especially since my doctor remarked on my cholestrol this year.  Uh oh.  She just said I need to take it easy on the meats and fried foods, which I will definitely try to do in 2012.  Though, I don't think I am THAT bad at it.  I will be more aware and cut back.

All weight in pounds

2007 Average Weight = 204.65
2007 Standard Deviation = 1.63

2008 Average Weight = 191.52
2008 Standard Deviation = 6.39

2009 Average Weight = 191.81
2009 Standard Deviation = 2.40

2010 Average Weight = 189.54
2010 Standard Deviation = 1.72

2011 Average Weight = 189.92
2011 Standard Deviation = 4.13

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