Saturday, August 6, 2011

July 2011 Racing and Training Summary

In the month of July I "triathloned" 5 times, every weekend, along with 2 Tuesday Night Time Trials.  It was a full month, literally.

Year-to-Date TNT average speed = 22.17MPH
2010 average speed at this time = 21.98MPH
Skip 2009 since I was recovering from injury
2008 average speed at this time = 22.88MPH
2007 average speed at this time = 21.46MPH
Skip 2006 since I did it on a road bike and I was just starting out, ok it was 19.3MPH and I only did two of them.
I missed the first TNT of August so it is doubtful that I will bring my average above 23MPH, my average for 2008 was 23.03MPH

Highlights of July, dropping 3+ minutes on the run at Timberman from 2010, finishing 3rd in my AG at Chaska, having a good race at Twin Cities Triathlon, and winning my AG at Waseca Sprint.  Low of July, crappy race at Minneman.

July Comparisons

YTD Totals and Total Since 2007

Totals and Averages Since 2007

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