Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday Night Time Trials - Done (A little late on my part)

So, I did the Tuesday Night Time Trials (Put on by Cadence Multisport and sponsored by Gear West Bike and Triathlon and Hammer Nutrition) for the 3rd year in a row.  This year I did 7 out of 8 races. It is an 11 mile, hilly, time trial that goes out and back on County Road 24 in Medina, MN.  It is very challenging, mainly because it is hilly, also because it is a time trial.  In my opinion, the time trial is the hardest bike race out there.  No drafting, against the clock, all out.  When you are done you should want to vomit.  The guys doing this are FAST.  As you can see from my placing in the races I am not the fastest, by far.  It was one of my hard training rides and I usually would get off the bike and run about 2.5 miles.  Turn it into a nice little brick.   
In previous years I had done the Black Dog Time Trial that is every other week than the T'N'T and is a 7.2 mile TT on a much flatter course.  This year I chose to do just T'N'T.
So I have exposed my results for the last 3 years here on the blog.  First year I did the TTs on my Lemond Sarthe with clip-on aero bars.  Last year I had my QR Seduza with Zipp Z6 and a drive train upgrade.  This year I added a new tri-seat, Easton Attack TT bars, and a RETUL bike fitting, done at Gear West.  I am very happy with my improvement over the last 3 years (Click on image of Excel spreadsheet to the right if you want to see the results).  It is good to see the the training, and equipment, paying off. 

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I like the new look of your blog. Cool pics of your Dad's shop, too. Esp. the 1st one. I know. Not really bike related. Oh well.