Sunday, September 7, 2008

Square Lake Short Course

Weather was nearly perfect, nice sunny day, few clouds, perfect racing temperature. At the race start the air temp was probably about 55 and the water was close to 70, if not more. The water felt good, and the lack of humidity and the cool temp made the bike and run nice. I was out of the water in 8th place in my age group and I had the 6th fastest bike split in my age group. I had a little back and forth with a guy in my age group on the bike, which was nice for motivation. He beat me into transition in the end. I then had the 28th fastest run split in my age group. Not bad, would have liked better. The bike and run are both very challenging, very hilly. The run is probably one of the hilliest runs of the year. Maybe second to Escape from Alcatraz? In the end I was almost 5 minutes faster than last year, most of it due to the swim, bike, and transistions. Swim was almost a minute faster and I averaged about 1MPH faster than last year. I am sure the faster tranisitions this year is due to improved fitness. I am happy with the run because I was very consistent. I did not come out running a 6:45 mile pace and finish on a 9+ min mile pace. I ran 8 min miles for all five miles. I would prefer the consistency than coming out fast and dying.
I almost forgot, I don't know how I did that. Jen, Matt, Ben, Madigan, and Joe came to see me. They showed up just in time to see me finish. It was nice to have someone(s) come out for a race this year and cheer me on at the finish. It gives you a nice little umph at the end. My mom and Paul saw my first race this year, which was nice, especially for them since they had not seen a triathlon before.

2008 Results
Swim (880 yds) - 14:30 (1:39/100yds)
T1 - 2:16
Bike (18 mi) - 48:29 (22.3 MPH)
T2 - 1:26
Run (5 mi) - 40:09 (8:02 min/mi)
Total - 1:46:47
Age - 9/41
Overall - 70/433

2007 Results
Swim (880 yds) - 15:22 (1:45/100yds)
T1 - 2:42
Bike (18 mi) - 51:03 (21.2 MPH)
T2 - 1:54
Run (5 mi) - 40:40 (8:08 min/mi)
Total - 1:51:39
Age - 15/38
Overall - 124/420

This was race 16 of 18 for the year. Only two left. A duathlon and a half-ironman. I have mixed emotions about the end of this season. It has been long, and I feel like I need the rest, but it has been a lot of fun and very fullfilling.

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Tat said...

I found your blog while surfing the profiles that match mine. You are doing awesome. That is a lot of racing, but I am just as crazy. Good luck on the half. Tat