Monday, June 2, 2008


Sunday was a beautiful day in Palo, IA.  Clear, Sunny, and by the end of the race it was almost, if not 80 degrees.  I had a pretty good swim.  About 3/4 of the way through had a little trouble breathing, did a little breaststroke, swam a little more, did a little more breaststroke, and finished.  Had a good bike.  I am surprised I was as fast as I was.  A lot of bike traffic, people not staying to the right,  and car traffic.  The car traffic made me nervous, some of the drivers did not look very happy,  My run was a little slower than I would have liked.  Overall, it was a very good day.  It would have been a good race to watch.  The Equalizer (elite women get a head start on the elite men and there is an extra bonus for first finisher) resulted in a fairly close finish.  David Thompson passed Cathy Yndestad at the end of the run.   The difference between elite 4th and 5th was 4 seconds.  It would have been exciting to watch the finishes.

Swim (547 yards) - 9:27 (1:44 min/100yds)
T1 - 3:44 (I have to work on my T1.  Trouble getting the suit off)
Bike (15.5 mi) - 44:13 (21.1 MPH)
T2 - 1:43
Run (3.1 mi) - 24:42 (7:57 min/mi)
Total - 1:23:47
Overall - 145/606
Age - 21/53

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