Sunday, June 22, 2008

High Cliff Sprint

No pictures, forgot the camera.  Too bad it was a beautiful day.  Almost perfect.  
It was a great weekend in the Appleton area, nothing like the Darboy Chicken Festival to get your weekend going with the music stylings of Ryan Cabrera (no idea who he was until that morning before we went to the Chickenfest, could have spent the rest of my life not knowing).  Back to the race.  Water 70 air low 60s, nice fast swim, shallow water.  No more wet suit if going under half a mile, takes too long to change, I think.  Hill out of T1 was pure hell, High Cliff Road, after that it was rolling hills, not too bad.  Fastest bike split yet.  Run was a little tough, had to run up the hill we biked up, little cramping in the lower stomach area part way through.  Still pretty good.  Great day all in all.
Overall - 86/494
Age Group - 8/30
Swim (440 yards) - 7:51 (1:46 pace, pretty close to a PR)
T1 - 2:51
Bike (22 mi) - 1:00:45 (21.7 MPH)
T2 - 1:19
Run (3.1 mi) - 25:32 (8:14 min/mi)
Total - 1:38:17

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