Saturday, February 27, 2016

Race Totals Since 2007

My final race totals, after 10 seasons of racing.  I am done keep track after last season.

Just continuing to clean out all my charts, tables, etc.  Have a few more blog posts before it is all done.

227 total races, the table breaks those races down.  There is a chart showing them by month.  As one might expect in MN, June and July have the highest totals.  Nothing in Jan and Feb.

117 total triathlons and duathlons.  85 triathlons and 32 duathlons.  60+ TTs, and a bunch of running races.  There were 2 triathlons I did not finish, one due to a flat on the bike, the other due to a stress fracture.  I know ahead of time I was going to drop out of that race.

Pretty decent accomplishment for 10 years. 

Table of Races Completed

Races Broken Down by Month


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