Tuesday, March 17, 2015

February 2015 Training Summary

I spent the first year of Feb in Italy.  Florence, Italy.  It is a beautiful city.  Had a great time.  Did not get much training.  This Feb is lower, than average, lowest training of any Feb, expect when I did no training, or not enough to count.  It is worth it, need the break.  Between going to France for work and Italy for vacation, this two month span is the least amount of training I have done this early in the year, which is fine.  I need the break.  I am not sure I needed to work in France.  I am going to have to pick it up in March and the first few weeks in April to get ready for St. Anthony's. 

Getting back in the pool after being out for 3 weeks has been rough.  I have not gotten back into the groove yet. My 100 splits are off 5-15 seconds, depending on the morning. I am going to try to go 3 days a week up to the week before St. Anthony's.

I did a 5 mile TT on the treadmill, to see where my run is at.  I am about 3 weeks away from the Irish 8K in St. Paul, which I use as an early season judge of my run fitness.  I did a 5 min warm-up and then did the 5miles in 38:04 (about 7:36/mi).  I am pretty happy with that.  I started the first mile at 7:54/mi.  At about 1.2mi, 2.2mi, 3.2mi, and 4.2mi I ran about a minute at 2%, otherwise I ran at 1% incline.  After the last 2%, I did 30 seconds at 0%, and near the finish I did 0% for 30 seconds.

I think my biggest concern is going to be the bike.  Hopefully, I can get enough in March, and April, to get my legs ready for St. Anthony's.  It is not like I am super competitive, but I still want to have a good race.  I want to be able to race hard, not for the race to be difficult because I am not in shape.

Anyway, below is the usual comparison to previous Februaries (sp?), YTD, and since 2007 tables.

Comparison of February from Year to Year

Since 2007 Total and Averages

YTD and Totals Since 2007

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