Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January 2013 Racing and Training Summary

Intensity.  I have definitely increased the intensity of my workouts.
Started Masters swimming, only 1-2 days a week, but that will change to 3 days a week in Feb.  The Masters swimming group (I Swim, LLC) I am now is much more intense than the previous.  The warmups are longer, there is typically some drill and technique work, and then an intense workout set.  The coach is much more interactive with the group than the previous Masters swim groups I have been in.  Hopefully, this will up my swim performance, and overall performance.
I have been going to the LA Fitness Sunday morning spin classes and they are pretty intense.  I think this has been a good workout to start doing. The class is about 55 minutes, but with warm-up I usually get an hour+ workout in.  During the week I do additional cycling at home, on trainer.  Intensity depends on how I am feeling.  Some times it is a 20-35 min easy to moderate spin, some times it is a 30-60 minute moderate spin with some intervals.  Intervals go anywhere from 30sec to a couple minutes.
My runs have been entirely treadmill.  I know, boring, but actually not that bad.  Usually I am doing a run during the week that is about 30 minutes, with either speed or steep incline intervals.  Then a Saturday run that is 40-60 minutes of more steady pace, but with some type of speed interval built into it.  I am feeling pretty good about my run at this point.
I have continued to do about a half hour of strength work a week.  Alternating between upper and lower body, and always doing back and abs. 
Total time for the last 3 years is pretty consistent. Swim is down, but if you look at my year-to-year, I am swimming more in less time.  5.7 hours in 2010 was 15400.  In 2012, 5.87 is 16,700.  I would say my swim intensity is higher than previous years.   Bike is up from last year, and about the same as 2011.  Run is down a little from last year, but I would say my intensity is better.  The last two years I have had the advantage of working out at OHP.  I do not have that anymore, so it is a little more challenging to get the workouts in, at times.

Comparison of January Training From Year-to-Year

Totals and Averages Since 2007

YTD Totals and Totals Since 2007

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