Friday, May 4, 2012

April 2012 Training Summary

Below is the comparison of my training data for Aprils since 2007.  This is one of my lightest, in terms of time, Aprils in my training history.  April is typically the month that has the highest hours in terms of training.  In April of 2011 I had a ridiculous amount of bike hours.  This was due to working at OHP on the weekends and getting a lot of time in there.  Now that I don't work there on Saturdays, I lose some of that bike time.  I guess this year I am going to find out if less training, and, hopefully, higher intensity gives good results.  I found this month that when I did high intensity workouts I felt much better.  I was tired, but I felt better overall.
In my previous post, I went over St. Anthony's and my results from this year are comparable to previous years, so I am not behind, in terms of my fitness level, if I use that race as a measuring stick.  My hope is that I can do some focussed speed and hill work, in preparation for the  Gear West Duathlon near the end of May.  The GW Du is one of the hardest duathlons, possibly hardest races, around.  The trail run is very challenging and the bike course is not flat.  Also, in May is when Tuesday Night Time Trials (T'N'T) begins every other Tuesday, it is a tough course and a hellish workout.

Year-Over-Year April Workout Comparison

Since 2007 Totals and Monthly Averages

YTD Totals and Totals Since 2007

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