Sunday, August 17, 2008

St Paul Triathlon - Triathlon #12, Race #15

So, the St. Paul Triathlon was triathlon number 12 for the year and the 15th race overall, including duathlons. It was the 9th of 9 race weekends in a row. I was finally able to go under 50 minutes for a 10K in a triathlon. I think my best prior to today was about 52-53 minutes. I didn't think I was going to go that fast, since I briefly slowed to a walk on the second lap around Lake Phalen twice as the water stops. It was probably a good idea, since I really needed it today. I really had to put a lot of mental effort into the second loop, my body was telling me to stop and walk. "Chris", it said, "You have done a lot of racing this summer. Take a walk, it is ok" I think I did a good job of fighting that urge and running through it. Again, I felt like barfing at the finish, but did not. A number of people have said something to the affect that triathlons are supposed to be painful, they are an exercise in pain management. If it doesn't hurt you are doing it wrong. I am not talking about joint pain or injury pain, that is not good, but the pain of pushing your body beyond its limits. I think I am getting much better in that area. I still have aways to go.
The swim was good. I have never swam a loop swim. There was a lot of traffic at first, then settled, then on the second loop there was some traffic from the short course people who had started. Not too bad. I have been very consistent with the full wetsuit the last 3 races. The last 3 races have been 0.8 -1 mi swims and I am going 1:44, 1:42, and 1:42 per 100 yards. I can live with consistency. My bike was at 22.5MPH for 24.3 miles, some people said the bike was shorter, which I would believe. Again, biking on the roads of St. Paul and Minneapolis is trying. Potholes and just rough roads make it pretty uncomfortable, along with the traffic of other bikes.
It is going to be nice to have a couple of weekends off until the next race. I think I need a recharge before going into the last 2 triathlons and last two duathlons. Especially before the 70.3 in TX.
Again, it was another great day to be out racing. Any day out racing is a great day.
Total -2:27:03
Swim (1760 yards) - 29:54 (1:42/100 yards)
T1 - 1:39 (small transition area and good location = fast out, for me)
Bike (24.3miles, questionable distance) - 1:04:54 (22.5 MPH)
T2 - 1:17 (again, good location, fast for me)
Run (6.2 miles) - 49:21 (7:57 min/mi, hooray, for the record this is my second fastest 10K time ever, my fastest open 10K at the Victory Road Races last year was 48:55. Hopefully this means I can go under 45 minutes in an open 10K)
Overall - 42/182
Age Group - 5/22 (about 2 minutes out of 3rd place, I think I got passed on the run by 3rd and 4th)
Kind of a weak field compared to others, but still a great race for me.

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