Sunday, May 11, 2008

Paper Discovery Du (May 4)

I drove to Appleton on Saturday, May 3rd. It was cruddy day, cold and rainy, but the 5 hour drive from the Cities to Appleton was nice. I got to listen to some music and NPR. Always good. When I got to Appleton I went and checked in for the race at the Paper Discovery Center. Check-in was smooth and easy. Then I went to my friends' Dave and Dana's house. As always, hanging out with them was pleasant. We chatted, Dave's dad came over, and they talked about baseball. Which I know little about, but still interesting. Dave and Dana took me out to a really nice, and good resturant in Appleton. The name escapes me. It was pretty upscale. I had raviolis (sp?) stuffed with asparagaus and cheese, tomato white sauce, and artichokes. After dinner they took me to the Appleton Performing Arts Center, where we saw a performance of music and baseball, narrated by Dave Winfield. It was very good. Orchestrated music, related to baseball, stories related to baseball, and images related to baseball.

After that pleasant evening, to bed and, up at about 5Am for the race.

I got there early started setting up, and a women, probably in her 40s asked for some help. She came over and said "You look like you know what you are doing". Little did she know.....

Anyway, I went over to her setup and asked what she needed help with. She explained her rear tire was the one that she used on her trainer and it was worn. I checked it out and it looked pretty bald and not so good. She had never changed a tire and asked for my. Help, so I changed it, it went pretty fast. It was her first race and it was nice to help to someone out.

I warmed up a little, did some light running and some sprints.

It was pretty cool, but sunny, and not to windy, like last year.

The first 5K went pretty good, I was breathing heavy, but it felt good. Pretty rolling course, a couple of steep areas.

The bike went well, except for the train stopping a group of us. Really irritating. I probably stopped 2-5 minutes. At the end I reported it, but no biggy.

The biggest thing was the second 5K, it felt good. I was suprised. The training, the new bike fit, the new seat, and the new aerobars, all seem to be paying dividends.

After the race I stopped by Dave and Dana's house, cleaned up, and drove to Kenosha to see my Dad and stepmom's new business (next post, previously posted, but deleted because I did not like the way it came out). Family had a little party for my Bday (34) and my younger half-brother Tom (22). It was pretty nice and I felt pretty good.

Monday, back to the Cities. Last weekend was a pretty good weekend overall

2008 Paper Discovery Results

Run (3.1 mi) - 24:45 (7:59/mi, see T1 below)

T1 - ? - They screwed up the timing, so nobody got any T1 time, and it is included in the first run. First run is faster than reported.

Bike (22 mi) - 1:06:23 (19.9 MPH, this includes the time it took to stop for the train, argh)

T2 - 1:16

Run (3.1 mi) - 24:47 (7:59/mi, Nice!, see last year below)

Total - 1:57:37

Overall - 68/375

Age Group - 10/31

2007 Paper Discovery Results

Run (3.1 mi) - 24:44 (7:59/mi)
T1 - 1:33
Bike (22 mi) - 1:11:22 (18.6 MPH)
T2 - 2:00
Run (3.1 mi) - 28:23 (9:10/mi)
Total - 2:07:53
Overall - 165/523
Age Group - 14/30

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